Savage without serial number??????

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  1. I am trying to do some work on my dad's old Savage 24 (.22/.410) O/U and I'll be darned that I cannot find a serial number anywhere on the dang gun.

    I've looked it over, and over....everywhere....nothing!

    On the right side of the receiver it has 'Model 24' and 'Patent 2259392(or7).

    On the left side of the receiver is 'Savage Arms Corp'. Along with that, and worn it says, 'Chicoreb (Chicoree?....Chirokee?....dunno) Falls, Ohio USA along with an upright oval with three dash marks in it.

    The barrel has markings of .22 and .410 respectively.

    Under the barrel are the letters K M with two horizonatal arrows afterwards. Under those is the letter J.

    These are the only markings I can find.

    Thinking the serial number may have worn off, I searched with no signs of wear. If that were the case the odds are not all of the numbers would wear off anyway.

    Does anyone know if it was normal for an older gun not to have a serial number? This has me stumped. And the Savage Arms site has no means of contacting them.

    From what I know of the gun I am certain it is 50+ years old.

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    Before the Gun Control act of 1969 I don't believe that they were required. I have an old JC Higgins witout one. I think some Mfg's used S/N's before '69 on their own, ie. I have a Remington model 31 dated to 1946 that has matching S/N's on the barrel, reciever, and trigger guard. I think this was a Mfg process thing rather than a way to track law abiding citizens going about their business.
    I could be wrong about this, but this is my best explaination. Anyone feel free to chime in.

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    I have read that in the war years that many long guns where produced with no #'s at all. The other markings are most likely the armeros mark. witch tells who the guy was that put it together.
    If it is 50+ years old it was most likely one that never had #'s to start with.
  4. Thanks guys, makes sense to me.....yepper.

    But, if there are guns without serial numbers how does one (such as antique dealers) determine age for value? Perhaps if a model was only made during "X" number of years it would be possible but, from what I can figure, the Model 24 was a popular and long production gun.

    But, I do 'preciate your help...fer sure.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    All I know is it should be Chicopee,OH...
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    I had one of those guns only 20 ga and 22 mag(wish I still had it). I can't remember correctly but I thought mine had some numbers under the forearm or on the tang that the butt stock bolt goes into, which u'd have to take the butt stock off to see. Mine, I don't believe, was as old as yours although.
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    I have info on the first Model 24 in 22 and .410 gauge (also Stevens No. 22-410) made 1950-65. Have you checked under the forearm and under the buttplate for s/n's?

    In the past, Savage has been known (on small caliber rimfire models) to not use serial numbers, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are none on your gun. Since this model(s) is still being made try writing Savage Arms Westfield, Massachusetts.
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    That town is Chicopee Falls,Mass. not Ohio.You will find Stevens,Springfield & Savage guns made by the same company and they used to be in Chicopee Falls,Mass ,which is next door to Westfield,Mass. where Savage is made.

    Art LaBonte,Eagle Guns
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    I have a couple of older Stevens long guns without serial numbers, a common characteristic of pre-1968 guns. This was particularly true with the less expensive rifles and shotguns.