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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by winless, May 8, 2008.

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    I've had my old WWII M1911 in my desk for years, but at 85 I've become too frail to be comfortable with it so I gave it to my son. Having had a handgun so many years, I now feel naked without one. I sort of envision something like a 38 special w/a 2" barrel. I live in damp FL and don't want to be married to constant oiling and attendant labors. I wonder if there are non-rust alloys that will spare the worry. I was reading about the Taurus 32 magnum in SS — sounded like my speed. Cost is a big factor for me, but I'm afraid to buy a used gun because I don't feel competent to judge one. I would appreciate some knowledgeable opinions.
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    If you have a gunsmith in town, purchase a used handgun from him. I have done that in the past and I have been satisfied that I got a quality, functioning gun at a good price. I would imagine you can handle a 38 special. I would suggest that. It is a fine caliber for self defense. You do not need +P. Get standard rounds or Silvertips; even simple wadcutters. A Smith and Wesson K frame revolver, perhaps with a 4" barrel, is light enough, and easy to handle. Good luck with your solution.

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    what happened to all the other posts? :confused:

    Well, I said it before, I'd check into maybe a CZ-70 in .32 acp, as this is a good brand, affordable, and although if you get one it will be used it is the best foreignbrand that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. In fact, the sites that carry them advertise them as Czech law enforcement.
    here's a review I found on one.
    CZ Model 70 32ACP

    If you want something new but affordable, also, try the EAA Windicator in .38, they make a 2" bbl version that doesn't kick bad at all, and won't bankrupt you.

    good luck, and let us know what you decide.
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    I would agree with the 38 special suggestion. Even with wadcutters, which is the lightest-recoiling option, it's a better stopper than any 32. I don't care what the magnum addicts think. You have to hit to stop, and those wadcutters are darned accurate. I don't know about prices. I get sticker shock every time I go to a gun show or a shop. I would avoid the foreigners, if at all possible. Taurus makes some fine guns; they also make some trash, and the word I'm now hearing is that their customer service is not helpful. That would point me to a Ruger. Look at the SP101 or the GP100. Both can be had in 357 magnum which will shoot any 38 special ammo that exists. Don't bother with 357 magnum ammo if your years of experience have led to physical frailty. That 45 you gave your son was easier to handle than 357.