Saw the Mealy mouthed coward on TV yesterday afternoon.

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    I'll agree with that regarding most of the current crop of pond scum starting with Slick Willy Dickwad, but I can't allow "always" to pass unchallenged.

    Harry Truman served as captain of an artillery battery in World War I and more than once had to crank down to zero elevation and fire point blank. He stayed in the Army Reserve between the wars, rose to the rank of full bird colonel, and didn't go to fight in World War II only because the DNC convinced him he could do more good as a senator than as a colonel.

    John F. Kennedy skippered a PT boat, rescued his crew after a destroyer ran his boat down, and led a mission to rescue a company of Marine Raiders from behind Japanese lines that depended on a rendezvous to transfer fuel to the division of boats he was leading which, if missed, meant he, his crews, and the Marines they had come to rescue would have been captured and probably killed.

    Lyndon Johnson volunteered for the Navy and flew at least one combat mission for which he was awarded a questionable Silver Star by Douglas MacArthur before the Navy discharged him to go back to Congress.

    His Accidency James Earl Carter the Turd graduated from Annapolis and went into the Submarine Service, earning his Golden Dolphins and qualifying as a Prospective Commanding Officer in diesel submarines, though he never sailed in command.

    Not all Democrats have a backbone like a chocolate eclair like the Obamination.
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    The White American male with a job is under siege.:(
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    I think the premise is that ANY organization -- which includes political parties (which Washington was very clear in delineating the dangers of) tends to morph over time. This includes unions (which may well start out altruistic and morph into more corrupt self serving entities depending on their structure and the wisdom of the membership in choosing the elected representatives).

    Common to much of this is actually voting -- the tyranny of the majority (and manipulation of the majority) often bleeds its way into otherwise honorable organizations. Which is why philosophers over time were so keen to point this out -- that a moderate monarch in many cases was preferable to a wide open mob rule situation. And constructed our Constitution with many safeguards to prevent such a situation (as we all know ANY safeguard or safety can be circumvented and we've seen that happen). They did their best though. But over time 'progressives' have chipped away at what keeps us from being a mobocracy (including the concept that state legislatures themselves sent electors to decide on the President and the key logic bomb of the 17th Amendment changing how Senators were appointed/elected). There's not ONE cause but we're been drifting towards a mobocracy for quite some time.

    The democrat party of today is NOT the same as the Truman/Kennedy era (and as I said these things ebb and flow over time). Nor even the Huey Long/FDR era (which is probably as close as the democrats came to what is going on today in past days--wealth confiscation and redistribution was a key tenet of Long when he set his sights on Washington and his supposedly altruistic battles with Standard Oil were in practice fostered by deep resentments caused by a personal deal with them gone bad; having nothing to do with the public interest)--although I think as a peacetime president FDR would actually be pretty close to the economic policies advocated today. Most of us here would be mixed and have an honest debate when it comes to the Sam Nunns of the world and even folks like Bill Bradley or Les Aspin; to me they were honorable people and I could see myself as voting for them (or at least respecting their position on many things so long as constitutional boundaries were respected) even though I might have a deep philosophical difference with their position.

    But that ain't what's going on now.

    We have full up communist marxists in the party using propaganda in what is effectively an attempted coup and revolution. It's a grab by communism pure and simple. Using WHATEVER method in a violent attempt to seize power. Right now, they've been using legalistic wrangling which has morphed into a backing of violent insurgents (with the usual suspects of dupes, drones, and useful idiots) as well as a full-up propaganda campaign to stoke racial division. It's gone beyond even a covert state into the tacit overt support of violence and coercion to unseat and sway an election. We have a low level insurgency war going on in our very country which is backed by the democrat party. Where it goes from here no one knows; perhaps the embers die out perhaps they ignite the tinder box.
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    A group of Democrats once defied a tyrannical president and embarked on the creation of a new nation.
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