Say It Isn't So???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 3, 2008.

  1. Marine1

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    Obama, please consider me as your running mate choice???:34::34::34:

    RALEIGH, N.C. -- During the annual North Carolina Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner tonight, Hillary Clinton said she will not only back Barack Obama if he is the party’s nominee, she will work hard for him.
    “If Senator Obama is the nominee, you better believe I’ll work my heart out for him,” Clinton said.

    Clinton Tells Vocal Obama Supporters: “I’ll Work My Heart Out For Him” - From The Road
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  2. Seabeescotty

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    It looks like She's decided second seat is better than no place to sit! Maybe she sees it as a way to get the Dems totally in power, so they can finish what they started during Bill's "wonderful reign".

  3. SuckLead

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    Is there anyone here who didn't see this coming?
  4. bigbuddy21

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    if obama picks her, i'll be willing to bet that he wont make it thru his first term.
    she'll either try to get him impeached or does anyone remember what happened to vince foster?
  5. Windwalker

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    Bill would probably be able to arrange the Foster solution for her, IMO.
  6. ghost_raven

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    I would really hope he picks Bill Richardson... my home state governor. He has a gun-friendly record so far, and brought concealed carry (by permit) to NM.

    As for Hillary... well, I think that if Obama gets elected, she would do the same thing as his vice president that she did to ol' Bubba Bill- place his testicles in a jar on top of the fridge, and run the show herself.
  7. I'd rather have seen Bill Richardson as the presidential nominee, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. Wouldn't mind seeing him as VP candidate, though.

    I doubt Obama would choose Hillary as his running mate. She took it personally and treated him like crap in person in Washington, as soon as she realized he was going to be going to be serious competition instead of just the token opposition. I don't think he'd trust her to have his back.
  8. If I had to choose any of those democrats for office, (when hell froze over), I would definatly choose Bill Richardson also. He is an excellent governor of NM. I don't know if he is good president material but he has done wonders for our state. Glad to see a fellow New Mexican on here! :)
  9. Coeloptera

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    I have to agree, Richardson sounds like an excellent choice and a good moderating influence on Obama's more further Left tendencies.

    But I wouldn't trust Clinton , nor should he need to lower himself to doing so. She has Congress to go back to, anyway if (hopefully when) it doesn't pan out for her, anyway.

    - Coeloptera
  10. Rambo

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    Whom ever gets the nod, Republican or Democrat, we still have to be vigilant in protecting our rights. Trust no politician to really care about us.
  11. +1. I don't automatically despise people just because they ran for office. But they do go on my watch list, no matter who they are.
  12. sell33

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    I am gonna cry if Hillary is nominated for anything though.
  13. Seabeescotty

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    Naw, don't cry, just keep your eyes and ears open, and voice your opinion, loud and often. If I was Obama, I'd tell her from the git-go, sorry, but no cigar!(Oops, no pun intended, just the way it came out!) Yep, I'd worry about the strange things that happened to folks, and try to keep her as far at bay as possible!
  14. Marine1

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    You have some good points, Troy2000, could be about massing their combined Democratic votes? If she was chosen, this would surely retain many of her supporters, as well as possibly, the "undecided votes" from switching to the Republican side of the votes, as I am sure many of these votes would do so. We must remember President Bush only defeated Al Gore, by just a few hundred votes. The VP office is a quiet one as we know, during an administration, but as you say, she will need watching, if this occurs. I think.. rather than see Obama win, quite a few of her supporters might switch to the Republican vote? Would not be the first time this occurred in a presidential election. All she needs is a VP "shoo-in"...and run again, at a later date, on a "I have the experience of being the VP platform". She's not the type to quit, until she gets her way to "power". We'll have to wait and see? Just my opinion.
  15. Mad Hatter

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    LOL, you got that right !!! thats funny right there..
  16. TXplt

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    I don't know--like I've said before, I see this coming down to the wire (with no deciding margin) rolling into the convention -- the "on top" person being decided by a poll done immediately before they meet in DEN and the supers/smoke filled rooms figguring the outcome. The klintons aren't giving up kinds of folks, and when it comes to politics have all kinds of Teflon and tricks up their sleeves--Louisiana politics refined and brought into the 21st century. There's spin enough for either way that it goes. Also, the fight between George I and RR wasn't very amicable -- I still remember "voodoo" economics.

    Hope I'm wrong--this would be the worst of all worlds. If it's o on top and h on the bottom, I'd sure be checking 6 with her as veep. IMHO she's evil and ambitious; I could see her helping along a scandal to force an impeachment/resignation, etc.

    No matter who he might pick, it wouldn't change the voting matrix for anyone who is pro 2A. Either h or o is completely unacceptable in this light.
  17. AKHunter

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    I wouldn't trust her with my taking out my garbage.
  18. Seabeescotty

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    I'll bet ole Bill has some kinda "Hillary alarm" to alert him, so he can be on his guard against any underhanded sorties. Or maybe so he can get the cigars back into the humidor, before she walks in!