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  1. 410dude

    410dude G&G Evangelist

    Anyone using a SCCY pistol ?

    I was thinking about getting one in 380, but I don't know much about this brand.
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  2. mauser9

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    I know they are pretty cheap to buy. Read an article a while back that said a couple failures to feed were experienced. Not sure of the most current models.
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  3. MosinRuger

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    i have no personal experience. but from what i've heard/ read they are decent little pistols. personally though, I woudnt buy a .380. jus get a compact 9. youll save $$ on ammo and there isnt much of a benefit to .380 over 9mm.

    this is coming from the owner of a 380 ( sig p238 used). if i could do it again i'd have got the 9mm version.
  4. neophyte

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    410dude: Sir; worth reading

    ssor–the SCCY CPX-1. The SCCY weighs in at right around 15 oz. and measures out to just above 5″ making it relatively comfortable as a carry gun.

    But… that doesn’t necessarily mean that SCCY CPX pistols hit the bullseye as you’ll see later on.

    SCCY CPX Specs
    Firing Mechanism Double Action Only
    Caliber 9mm
    Weight 15 oz
    Barrel Length 3.1″
    Sights 3 Dot Sights
    A horrible trigger and serious reliability issues make this gun less than optimal. At any price point, a gun should not sacrifice its basic purpose: to provide the shooter with a safe and and reliable way to fire a gun
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  5. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    Might better check out a used Sig or one with good tests results.
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  6. PaleHawkDown

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    I love "expert" articles where they refuse to tell you what ammo they were using or the nature of their "doesn't work" problems.

    I remember when these first came out I read every review. Most were extremely positive. All the negative ones were either vague, like this one, or they specifically used ammo in the gun that the manual says not to use, and then complained of problems.

    I actually wrote to a couple of these guys pointing out that second fact and was told, that, in their opinion, a defensive gun should be able to use any type of ammo.

    Again, just like this article, though, the first pick they put up as a better choice (at twice the price) is a Glock - a gun where you also cannot use just any ammo.

    One of these I wrote to had also complained in his write up of the cast slide. Again, this was an article from a guy who was clearly a Glock know, a gun making use of a cast slide.

    We sold a pile of them and I've only ever heard two complaints. One guy got one that was clearly a lemon, and the company sent out a new one immediately. They sent the replacement out before I even mailed the original back to them.

    The second guy used lacquered steel-cased ammo in his and then complained it didn't work. He tried to return it a month or two after buying it - covered in black soot, grease, scratches, and dirt, with so much case lacquer in the chamber that you couldn't even chamber a new round. First off, this ammo is specifically mentioned on page 2 of the manual as ammo you should never use in the gun. Secondly, the guy was dumb enough to bring his shooting buddy with him who let me know that the two of them had been shooting that gun every weekend, had gone through a full case of Wolf and several boxes of milsurp, as well as a pile of another buddy's "really hot" reloads, and had not cleaned the gun once.

    I cleaned the gun for him right there in the store and sent him home with some basic cleaning supplies, and told him to call the manufacturer if he had any more problems.

    A year or so later, the shooting buddy came in to buy one for his wife. When the owner found out he could not get a refund on a very used gun, the second guy offered to buy it. He never had a hiccup with it, and liked it well enough to get a second one.

    I used to highly recommend the SCCY guns for the money. Then they apparently had a bad batch in 2019, and I have been less enthusiastic. Still, they come with a lifetime full-replacement transferable warranty.
  7. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I don't own one but I've shot a 9mm CPX2 that belongs to a friend. I probably got to put 100 rounds or so through it one afternoon, bot FMJ and some Fedeal JHP and some Hornady JHP. It worked flawlessly and she says that she and her boyfriend have probably put more than 1500 rounds through. He works at the gun store where she bought it from, and he says SCCY has a great warranty. As with most small pistols it's hard to shoot accurately, and I would just say that the trigger is pretty average for that type of firearm. He tells me that they rarely get any traded back in due to the buyer being unhappy with them. None of that probably helps you much with their 380 pistol.
  8. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I have one in 9mm. I bought it from my stepson because they needed the money.
    Of course, I don't know about price and availability right now but normally they run $200 to $250.
    This one is a CXP2 I think - it has the safety. It shoots OK. Accuracy is not too bad at all. It's a bit snappy because the gun is pretty light, so Newtons Law says there will be some recoil (or is that Murphy's Law lol). But it isn't terrible - just snappy.
    The trigger pull is not the best. It's not too heavy but it's a loooong pull before the sear breaks. I almost thought it was broken the first time I shot it. But once I knew that, I was able to get decent hits on target.
    I stash mine by the basement door as a "grab-n-go" gun. I check it out and clean it once in a while but I forget about it most of the time.
    Still, if I didn't have a better gun available, I would not hesitate to use it for concealed carry.
  9. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    CPX-1 is the 9mm model with the safety.
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  10. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    My wife's former co-worker bought one when they first came out. She has the 9mm version. I know she was putting like 50-100 rounds a week through it when she first bought it. I shot a few magazines through it and didn't have any complaints with it. It never failed to fire when she or I fired it when I was present. She did say it failed to fire on her when she first bought it but i'm pretty sure because she was limp wristing it.

    Two of my former neighbors went shooting with me several years back. They both limp wristed my Sig P290 which is about the same size as the SCCY. Neither one of them have fired a small 9mm before and it caught them off guard. The one neighbor got angry when I told him he was limp wristing the gun. He was claiming that he knows guns and was a former Police officer. I just told him it's common for people to do because they're not used to shooting something that small with that recoil. I put 6 trouble free rounds through it and then the other neighbor did the same exact thing as the first one. His daughter actually listened to me and shot all 6 rounds without a hiccup.
  11. I feel that a lot of these articles are written by persons who do more writing with their computer than actually spending time at the range. A lot of the time it seems they get their sponsorship from the ammo company they brag up.
  12. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    I bought a SCCY CPX1 several years ago. As is my custom, I took it straight to the range to test fire it. After about 50 rou ds it blew the guide Spring rod out the front of the handgun and totally seized the handgun. I took it straight back to the dealer the same day I bought it, he boxes it up, sent it back to SCCY, and in about a week I hand my firearm back repaired. Two things about this firearm, hold it very, very tight. It has a tendency to stovepipe if you limp wrist it at all. Two, don't shoot cheap or steel cased ammo out of it, it doesn't like it. It is very reliable with good self defense ammo. It is a very fun gun to shoot, but I would never trust my life on it, because it has has too many problems, especially with steel cases ammo.
  13. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    No argument here. That's why I said "I think". I didn't want to get out of my comfortable chair, with the dog curled up between my legs, to go check. :)
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  14. 410dude

    410dude G&G Evangelist

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.
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  15. DWFan

    DWFan Handgunner Forum Contributor

    My great nephew has the CPX-1, his wife has the CPX-3.and he swears by them.
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  16. Jim Rau

    Jim Rau G&G Evangelist

    Over a year ago I got one (9mm) to test and was very impressed!!!:cool: It was reliable and accurate with all the ammo I shot (6 brands) except Magtech, which failed to cycle several times. As a SD hand gun I would recommend it as a GREAT VALUE.:) The only problem I had was the mag springs were so strong I could only get 8 rounds in a 10 rd mag until I used them several times.
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  17. PaleHawkDown

    PaleHawkDown G&G Evangelist

    ^This is what I consider a fair review of a gun that someone had trouble with. You nailed a problem with your specific gun, explained the ammo issue, and pointed out the good as well as the bad.

    I wish every professional reviewer was capable of doing this.
  18. 410dude

    410dude G&G Evangelist

    I was just looking for something cheap to replace my Hi-Point C9. My C9 was accurate and dependable, and for what I used it for, it served it's purpose. But a friend of mine needed something for home defense . He has limited funds, so I told him I would sell my C9 to him, cheap. So if he takes it, I'll need something to replace it. I figure when he comes up with the money, he will. I'm just looking ahead.
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  19. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    The best thing I think they have going for them is their lifetime warranty. There were no questions, haggles or problems when the handgun was sent back to them. They fixed it without question and there have been zero problems since then, minus the steel cased ammo. Their instructions manual that comes with the firearm says, "don't use steel cased ammo, so they know the problem as well. If I were broke and could only afford a very cheap handgun, I would have no problem with the SCCY, although next time I would buy the SCCY CPX 2. I bought the CPX 1 because that is what the gun store had, and to be honest I didn't know about the CPX 2 at the time.
    I will say, it fits my hands very well. I also love shooting revolvers and so it seems kind of natural to me, with the long, double action trigger pull. To people use to single action or striker fired pistols, the trigger will seem excessively long, but I don't have a problem with it.
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  20. Since you can't use steel cased ammo in one, how do they do with aluminum cased ammo?
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