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  1. I was wondering if anyone might know, or have a valid opinion, if the K31 S/R might ever have any collector value with slightly over 500,000 made.

    I am thinking of re-working the stock on mine.

    Also, did anyone know that under the butt plate of most K31 (and perhaps other models) is generally a piece of paper identifying who the gun was issued to, the year issued and the unit he served with?

    Some of the writing is hard to decycpher unless you know the language.
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    what kind of reworking are you contemplating???

  3. Just sanding down the stock to original wood and coating it with Linseed or polyurethane.

    The stock on mine has some darker spots where cosmo and other elements have worked into the grain.

    It's got a few natural dings that I'm not to worried about.....I'll leave them as 'character'.
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    sounds good, don't sand it too much, once the various marks, and charactor is removed then its lost as far a collectibility goes. just hate bubba.
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  8. Papa,

    I got to thinking about what you said about sanding the Schmidt Rubin and I've decided to just clean up the worse darkened areas (which I am sure is cosmo worked in) with diluted ammonia and let it go at that.

    I'm sure the gun, in my life time anyway, won't have achieve collector value and I kinda like the 'I wonder where it's been' look anyway.

    Thanks for your advice....much 'preciated....fer sure....yepper.
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    Ciao, all the swidish rifle stock are original finisched with shellac.
    Ciao Ric.
  10. Thanks Ric,

    I was wondering that the other day.

    Some parts of the stock showed signs of a varnish type finish while the majority showed signs of a well worn oiled stock.

    Once again, thanks.
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    "The Contraption Club"

    Hi Dale, I just became the proud owner of a Swiss Contraption myself this last weekend. Mine has the walnut stock, and it's a bit beat up too. I'll do a little cleanup on it, but don't want to remove too much "character". I saw another one at the gunshow that had the birch stock, a lighter blond color. It's finish was flaking off, whereas the walnut stocks seem to be simply "military dull". Alas, mine had no paper under the buttplate. Check out the trigger system - that's "Swiss Precision"!
    A lot of take-up, but then a crisp let-off. The barrel is semi-floated, too. The stock and handguard contact the barrel only at the extreme ends. Stripping and reassembly are very easy. I haven't got to shoot it yet, but will this coming weekend. Ammo runs $28.50 for a 60 round package, here.
    The K31 is one of the Rifles Tujour these days, and with so many it probably won't appreciate too quickly. Once the supply runs out and the collectors have squirreled tham away, value will start to climb.
    Check out :
    This is an excellent resource site for the Swiss rifles.
  12. An opinion needed


    Swiss 1931 Carbine
    Schmidt Rubin K-31 7.5 Swiss Caliber

    Saw these on AIM's site. Look like an interesting show piece and they're supposed to be good shooters.

    Any thoughts?

    I know I ask a lot, but hey, a guy has to learn...........
  13. Big Dog and Sniper,

    The K31 is one of the neatest rifles I have had the delight to shoot.

    It has a moderate kick to it but it sure sounds off!

    I kept wanting to roll the bolt up before pulling it back....takes some getting used to but is a fun, fun gun to shoot.

    Mine is above average accuracy but better than some other oldies I have.

    I only wish the ammo was a little more available and cheaper (here anyway).

    You can find that corrosive berdan primed crap but I like buy boxer primed cases to reload. That is, if I ever get around to reloading them.

    When I bought the 91/30 the other day the same gun store had one brick of 60 rounds left and they wanted $44.95 before tax.

    I found some crappy stuff up north for $12.95 for a 20 round box of 'who makes this?' brand. I still can't find S&B or another manufacturer who does brass and boxer primed 7.5 ammo.

    Anyway, I read an article where the K31 is rapidly disappearing so I intend to pick up a couple more...if I can find any in as good a condition as the one I have.

    Keep us posted what you think after you run lead through them.
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    I have read other posts reporting that the Swiss stopped using corrosive ammo long time ago, which is why the K31 and 1911 barrels are still in such good shape. ????????? Just askin' cuz I'm fixin to order my first K31 from AIM, along with an Alby SKS to boot. AIM has their K31 shooter grade for 89.95. Heard good things from others that paid the same price grade. The SKS are on sale Oct. 29,30. The ones that usually sold for 199 are goin for 125 shipped those two days only. In case some one was interested.......

    :nod: :D Thanks,

  15. Big Dog

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    Love the Swiss, the Swiss is Great!

    Dropped by my buddy's house Saturday (his oldest daughter's 14th B-Day), and we had both our Contraptions on the cardtable, in pieces. We were checking every marking with a magnifying glass, cross checking with our printed list of official markings. The women folk just looked at us, and said "must be a 'guy thing!' ".
    What the heck, we had loads of fun.
    Mine is a Walnut 1947 model, made by SIG. His is a Birch '54 with a SIG receiver and a Hammerli barrel. His receiver is "Chrome Nickel" (CN code), mine is the "Crome Molybdenum" (CM code). He got the sling and muzzle-cover, I didn't. Neither of us got the Issuee tag.
    Went to the range Saturday, but was delayed by the Hunter Safety Course. The new cleaning crew leaves much to be desired. They are supposed to replace the frames on Friday and Monday - Saturday not a single frame was standing, all shot to pieces! It was so crowded I never got out of the truck. Dang!
    We'll get there early next Saturday, with our own frames, and have our Swiss shootfest. We might have to learn to yodel!
    My sister got a new kitten - named "Heidi"! She claims it's a Swiss cat! Must be catching. :eek: