Scope above the gas tube on a sks

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    Who out there has put a scope above the gas tube on their sks? Did it hold zero and did you like it? If you have pics that would be great. I'm considering the idea. Thanks
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    i have not personaly done it but i have a hard time beleaveing it would hold it zero very well.

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    Based on the fact that my original gas tube isn't stable, I'm gonna +1 squirrel.
  4. with the right application of duct tape you can make anything stable.
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    +1 also
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    Until you shoot it fairly quickly for a minute or so. Then the duct tape melts :D
  7. If you're going to mount the scope that far forward, may as well just use the front iron sight only. Sure can't do any worse. As others have said, not only too far forward but not stable enough but also anytime you have to or do remove the gas tube, you'll more than likely screw up the zero...

    I know you said above the gas tube and not on, but if it's in any position where it has to be removed to get the gas tube off, the same results will be had...

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    Alright fellers, I can take a hint. I won't do it, you didn't have to yell. LOL
    Thanks for the input
  9. i can see why one wouldnt want a scope on the gas tube due to lack of zero, but why do es one see the scope mounting kits that fit on the reciever cover, it seems to me that that would be just as bad about not holding zero???
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    I've kept iron sights on mine for that reason. I still get 3" groups @ 100 yrs.
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    I just ordered a scope mount that attaches to the rear sight base. It has good reviews, so I'll report back when I get it.
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    Thank you all who replied for the tips and info. I just received a call on Friday that I have been laid off. So, I'll have to wait to find another job first.
  14. Instead of a scope, and if you want a chance at getting better groupings, I'd suggest this. FWIW, the fact the sights are close together is part of the reason for bad shots, other times it's the gun and then the shooter. But try this sight system and maybe putting some space between the front and rear sight just might help?

    Give Tech Sights a try. Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories
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    i got the leapers recievercover setup on my norinco. holds zero well at 100yds
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    but seif, have you ever taken the receiver cover off since you've gotten the scope zeroed in?
  17. ive heard on the tech sites, to upgrade to the elevation adjustable one, as some people have had problems hitting too low, even with the front sight cranked down all the way.