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Scope and Mount recommendations

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by EmailTim, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. EmailTim

    EmailTim G&G Newbie

    Newbie Question:

    I just purchased a new release Sprinfield Armory M1 Garand .30-06 and could use some suggestions on a Scope and Mount.

    I would like to use the iron sights in addition to the scope. My outdoor range goes to 750 yards.

    Also, I read someone's post that mentioned that an offset mount like what is used on the Garand requires a fixed magnification scope. Is this true?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Garands are not the most scope friendly rifle . The scope will end up being off-set to the left , to make room for the clip .

    If you wanted a scope , would have been simpler to have bought a M1A .

    The Garand is a great rifle with iron sights .

    I have no idea why a variable scope could not be used .

    God Bless

  3. EmailTim

    EmailTim G&G Newbie

    Re: Re: Scope and Mount recommendations


    The Springfield M1A Super Match (civilian M14) is next on my short list.

    I was looking for both, but found the M1 Garand in stock first. I have found that Fulton Armory carries front and rear National Match iron-sight upgrades. The NM iron-sights will probably be the first upgrade/acurization for the Garand.

  4. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    do your home work befor you spend the money on both the nm sights and a scope mount, as most aftermarket mounts mount where the rear sight goes. you could always convert to an M1d clone though.
  5. EmailTim

    EmailTim G&G Newbie

    Lefty O,

    I saw the M1D scope mount on the internet, but the picture didn't detail how it is mounted. It looked to be the best solution so far for both iron-sights and scope (with exception of the wide-non-replaceable band).

    Do you know how the mod is done? Do you just cut back "shorten" the top wood handguard and slip the mount over the metal barrel of the rifle? Does the mount go all the way around the barrel and clamp down somehow?

    Can you recommend a supplier of these mounts ???

  6. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    Dont do it! I've been out to the range for the last 3 months and 200 rounds. Am now within one MOA.

    I'll seel you my complete scope and mount and go back to iron sights only.

    Sold the "D" style mount as on catalog 17. They are now on 24. I have no idea is they still sell it.

    ALL the aftermarket mounts put the scope and inch high and to the left. A FIXED scope can hamdle it kinda. I have had several scopes on mine and am just now getting it down.
  7. EmailTim

    EmailTim G&G Newbie

    Armorer / Schultzie (I know nothing !!!),

    How does the M1D scope mount get attached? Do you need to remove the barrel from the receiver? Is it a pressure fit? Is any milling required?

    Do you have any pictures?

  8. rparrish

    rparrish G&G Newbie

    I understand that the barrell has to be removed to install the mount. I also have herd that some ofthe aftermarket mounts that are available do not meet USGI specs souch as the ones that were made in China. You need to be very careful as you can ruin a good barrel with a substandard aftermarket mount, in some cases I've heard the threads were metric. You will also need a good M1 gunsmith to install the mount.
  9. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    I don't know how it mounts. The "C" and "D" barrels were made that way at Springfield.

    I do not think you can convert your rifle. Thats why SK makes mounts that bolts to your rear sight housing.

    Look around the net, there are references to the sniper "C" and "D" rifles all over the place.

    Here is mine.
  10. EmailTim

    EmailTim G&G Newbie

    Sweet looking gun. Where did you get a stock like that which fits a M1 Garand?

    The eye piece on the scope looks pretty cool as well. What type of scope is it?

  11. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    Black dress care or Ramline, hand guards ported

    New glasses: 4x16x40,IL,Mil Dot W/flip up front and accordion rear covers.

    Scope mount: Fulton Armory, rings by Millet

    Barrel VAR, new, Op-Rod NM, new Reciever, bolt, and trigger assy, 1944 Springfield Fed tray components, gas cyl,bolt guts, new OEM

    Sling: One hand adjustable Unicle Mike's

    Finish by Extreme Coat, Mil Spec dark gray.

    First off it ain't no GUN! This is MY rifle! It's a firearm, heck even a weapon. Her name is Kate.

    As far as stocks go. Their are carbon composite (what this is). Fiberglass, Laminate (plywood). Oh yeah and good old wood. All you have to do is find it.

    The scope is a BSA Mil Dot 4x16x40-IL.
    BSA= British Small Arms
    Mil Dot= Calibrated range and windage finder system. Mil Dot sys only works at 10 power.
    4 power low by 16 power High
    IL=Iluminated reticule
    The eye sock, or soft eye as they call it is because where I live it rains 8 months out of the year. Also when the iron battle sights are used. The eye sock prevents the scope from giving me a smiley on me forehead.

    I use both eyes. The left in the eye sock. The right on the iron. I can zero in on a target with the iron. move me head an inch or less and have to scope in my left eye. Make real good for finding things.
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  12. Gyrene

    Gyrene G&G Newbie

    EmailTim & Armorer - It is entirely possible to recreate an M1 D Garand. Parts are available, but you need a gunsmith or a very very astute machinist who understands everything that has to be done. The rear of the barrel is cut down in diameter to fit (with interference) inside the scope mount sleeve. The scope mount sleeve is then pressed onto the rear of the barrel, it has to be correct the first time, as it is almost impossible to move the scope mount sleeve, after mounting.

    My M1D is almost finished. I had a not very good M1D barrel (they do have a different part number and it is located on the top of the barrel as it is attached to the receiver), which has been machined and with an interference fit the scope mount sleeve has been pressed on as Springfield did it. The barrel now needs to be screwed into the receiver, and about 15 degrees of rotation has been allowed for, which should index the barrel correctly in the receiver.

    The rear handguard if a GI one is used, must be cut off at the rear of the cut for the Rear Handguard retainer. The previously relieved area slips under the front of the scope mount sleeve, and trimmed to fit. If you create your own M1D, try to use an aftermarket, or a damaged GI handguard, as the supply of original GI Stocks and handguards is dwindling rapidly.

    Obviously, my M1D is not a Springfield prepared M1D, and I do not have papers for it, but it will be similar. I do know that many M1D's were created in various armorers' military shops, and few had papers to show they were originals.
  13. gunblade252

    gunblade252 G&G Newbie

    S&K mount

    I've been looking around the net and have decided to buy a scope mount for my Garand from S&K. They have two styles, their S&K style and a weaver style. Is there any distinct differences with looks and functionality with these two styles?
  14. Have you looked into the Bjones lens system. They're a magnifying lens that fits into the rear NM sight. I had trouble seeing the target at 200 and 300 yards. It was real fuzzy and faded in and out in certain lighting. With the -.062 lens I can see the X in the center of the target at 300 yards. I normally use a 6 o'clock hold on the outer black ring . With the lens, I hold at the target center because I can see the white X at 300 yards!! This is the way to go when your eyes need some help with the open sights. I was VERY skeptical till I looked through a Bjones lens at the range. All I could say at the time was WOW!!! I'm sold! Google Bjones sights and take a look. Once you have a set you'll forget about the scope idea.
  15. B.S.A. is the Birmingham Small Arms Company, founded in 1861.

    They still exist, as BSA Guns (UK) Ltd. making air rifles and shotguns, and are still based in Birmingham.

    I used to work for them...

    (Fine looking rifle, BTW)