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    I would be very interested in any feedback. A friend told me that his .270 needs a new barrel and the scope needs to be sent back to Swarovski as it has been damaged. The problem appears to lie with the use of a moderator(silencer) and this is reputed to cause some kind of barrel twisting during recoil which in turn causes scopes to fail.

    Not sure that I can accept the above as it just doesn't seem to be likely but I really don't know. Rifle is two years old and used by a professional deer stalker.

    Seemingly there is footage on you tube showing the effect in slow motion but I have not been able to find it.

    May not be something that is a problem in USA as I understand you cannot get moderators.

    Many thanks

  2. That's a new one on me & I know plenty of people with full bore rifles with moderators fitted.
    What are the symptoms?
    If the rifles just not shooting it could be a lot of different issues which must be resolved by methodical fault-finding.

    A properly mounted Swarovski should be able to handle the recoil without failure.
    Do you know for certain that the scope is goosed?
    Could it be the rifle?
    Could it be the moderator?
    Could it be the ammo?
    Could it be the trigger actuating nut?

    If the scope is proved to be goosed, you should definitely send it back to Swarovski, the last thing they want is a dissatisfied customer.

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    its my understanding that moderators/silencers act very much like a muzzle brake, and muzzle brakes can be very hard on scopes that are not designed to be tough. most scopes are designed to survive recoil that is straight back. a rifle with a good brake on it can subject the scope to forces very similiar to a spring piston air rifle. most scopes are not designed to deal with back and forth recoil.
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    ^ Makes sense to me...
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    makes no sense at all to me. I sent in a Swarovski for repairs one time and didn't get it back for 8 months, good luck.