Scope for a Remington 700 30.06

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    Looking for a good all around scope for a Remington 700 in 30.06. I what something that can be used for everything from coyote to deer/elk and maybe even moose and bear. I know that is a tall order, but here are the two that I'm currently looking at. Let me know what you think or if there are any others I should be considering.

    Nikon Monarch 3-12x42 Side Focus Matte BDC
    Monarch 3-12x42 Side Focus Matte BDC from Nikon

    Bushnell TROPHY XLT 3-9x40 Matte DOA 600
    Bushnell - 3-9x40 Matte DOA 600 [733960B]

    Bushnell TROPHY XLT 4-12x40 Matte DOA 600

    Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9X40 Matte DOA 600
    Bushnell - Elite 3200 3-9 x 40mm, Matte [323940B]

    Thanks! And if any of you have any experience with one of these feedback would be great!
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    The Nikon would be my choice,but then,I have had a lot of good experiences with a Nikon.The cheap Bushnell,s are questionable,but serviceable as far as I know. (no personal experience) ,,,sam.

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    all of those are great choices. the monarch is the best of those options. side focus adjustment is a very nice addition to a scope. the 3200 is ok while the trophy is a great scope for the money! i own a trophy 3-9. very clear in all conditions except when looking into the sun. gets washed out
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    While I don't own any of the scopes you've listed, I'd go with the Nikon Monarch SF.

    As for another scope to consider....well today I happened to view the opening page on Natchez Shooters Supply website. I noticed the Nitrex TR1 and TR2 scopes among their specials. Curious I clicked on one of the Nitrex shown and viewed the next screen which allowed me to view all model Nitrex TR1 or TR2 scopes they sell. After a little research on Nitrex, a brand I had heard of, but ignored for being too high priced for me. I checked a few prices elsewhere, read some reviews on Nitrex and read up on Nitrex rebate program. I ordered a 3-15X42mm SF with a MRSP of $575 for $300 (plus $17 shipping). Nitrex $100 rebate on this scope will bring my final price down to $217.

    Nitrex is a brand owned/made by ATK. ATK also owns Weaver scopes. Not too long ago, ATK marketed, then discontinued, the Federal Intensity brand scopes, but same scopes are still sold by Weaver as their 40/44 scopes. These are pretty decent scopes, good optics and etc. The model Nitrex I ordered is in their TR2 series, which I suspect is Weavers Super Slam Series. This is the best of the Weaver line of scopes. Same model in Weaver sells for about $480 at Natchez and SWFA has them for $520. SWFA does not have the Nitrex I ordered, but has the same Nitrex scope with a different reticle for $440.

    Nitrex has a $50 rebate on their TR1 models (the weaver Grand Slam) and $100 on the TR2 models (the weaver Super Grand Slam)

    Lots of Nitrex TR1 and TR2 models in various powers are now discounted at Natchez and the Nitrex rebates on them make Nitrex a real bargain buy for a quality scope. ATK may be discontinuing the Nitrex brand with same scopes being kept under Weaver brand.
  5. Out of the scopes you listed, I'd have to vote for the Bushnell 3200 Elite. The Elite line is excellent and the glass is crystal clear.

    But, in all honesty, you wouldn't and can't go wrong with any of the scopes you listed.
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    Nice review of the Nitrex Huff. Of the scopes you listed, I only have experience with the Nikon and would def recommend it !!
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    This Leupold 3x9x40 scope works well on my Remington 700 30.06. I like it well enough that I'm happy to take it deer hunting each year.

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  9. Of the ones listed, my choice would be the Nikon, but you may want to consider a Redfield 3X9. A friend has one and it is an excellent scope, very clear.
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    In order of my preference. 4,1,3 and 2