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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Brian Lavin, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Brian Lavin

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    I would like to put a scope on my '99 (30-30 cal.), but am unsure which type of base to get. I have been looking at various catalogs and see there are two piece and one piece offered for the 99. Also, saw the sort that are "see thru", raised so you can still use the iron sights.
    I don't want to spend a fortune on this project, as I don't shoot the rifle very often, so economic suggestions only please.
    I'm mostly interested in finding which mounting ststem is most secure and resistent to recoil.
    So, if you have already done this, please give me some input.
  2. Paul I

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    I have found that sometimes it worth the extra few buck to go to your local gun store and have them do it. They all the differant rings and a bore light and don't mind that you got the scope elsewhere.

    Paul I

  3. txtornado

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    Is your gun already drilled for scope mounts, if not, it will have to be drilled or go with an expensive stith mount. If the gun has been drilled and tapped on the front and back of the receiver, you will need to find out if it is factory or not, how you can tell is by the age/serial number (go to and also the factory drilled guns have the savage 99 logo on the left side of the front ring and not on the top.

    If the front ring has been drilled through the savage logo then 9 out of ten times the mounts will be weaver 2-piece mounts, each under $5, your gunsmith can order them and the matching weaver rings go for $20-25 and he probably has them on the shelf. Keep in mind that the rear sight may have to come off to clear the scope.

    I used this setup on my 99 since the leupold one piece mount which is the same as the burris and redfield put the scope too far forward for me.

  4. Brian Lavin

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    Thanks for the replies. My '99 does have holes drilled into the receiver and they do appear to have been done by at the factory.
    I don't have a tang rear sight, mine has the leaf sight which is on the barrel, just in front of the receiver. There are two holes on top of the very front of the receiver, (in line) and two more all the way at the back, behind where the pop up loaded chamber deal is. My rifle does not have Savage stamped on the receiver ring though, I've had several folks mention that to me on the old forum, but mine is different. I did visit Savage99 site when I first got this in December, mine was made in '29.
    I guess I'll talk to some of the guys that run the range I shoot IDPA at, one of them is a gunsmith. I think the two piece mount may well be the way to go. Thanks again.