Scope Mounted on the MAS 36

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 11, 2002.

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    Man what a hassle...SOG finaly got the mounts in for $22 so I ordered one.....had to sand and then use a hammer to get it in place...that was the easy part.
    Went to mount a 3x9 x 50 ...the wever rings I picked up were the low profile low...bolt handle bumbed and rubbed no matter what...picked up some "see through" rings (did not read the package was ment for a 22 to mount a 1" scope....scope came off after 3 shoots and drove me nuts.

    Picked up some Hi-Style quick Detach rings...solid mount...I was happy...3x9 no go...bolt handle still went with a 4x Tasco 4x50mm objectives....could not get it to work...
    Finaly took the 4x bushnell off the 45/70 NEF and tried worked...but the range was closed by the time I got something to work on it....not sure I need a 3x9 on the 45/70 and would prefer more X on the 308 but Ill see how it works.....

    I love the avenger of playing with the C&R stuff....I should get some college credits for this stuff.
  2. Doglips

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    MAS 36 with mount and target.


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    Looks good, Doglips. Hope it finally works out for you!!
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    Its all set up now. Actualy Im realy impressed with this rifle..seems most people have nothing but problems with them....I get not feeding or extracting damaged cases..the accuracy is nice especialy for a C&R rifle.... Since I just plink with them I tend to be happy with C&R stuff going Bang and not Boom :)

    Plan is to get a little more scope on it and go for 2-300 yards.
    If I ever quit thinking about it and get into handloading I might be able to get some realy impressive groups from this rifle...bu its doing good with the cheep surpluss stuff.
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    Most of the MAS problems I've seen are with the semi-auto MAS49/56 in .308. Many were rechambered poorly. The MAS36 bolt-action seems to have a much better reputation. My buddy has one in the original 7.5 French that is a very good shooter. I've been considering getting the .308 model.