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    Hi I have a mosin nagant DRAGOON ERA M 91/30 and am looking for an original scope and mounting system for it does any one know where I can get one?

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    Try Russian ebay get real thing.

    I can't seem to find anything Russian ebay. But thought I had been there before.
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  5. am i missing something? i wasn't aware dragoons had scopes at all.
    putting a pu scope on one wouldn't be "original".
  6. Yeah, I don't think scopes were used during the Dragoon era.
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    Can you even put a P/U scope on hex receiver?

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    ^ I think your right, if they did have scopes it would probably have been a
    PEM mount and scope.
  9. after doing a bit of research, as far as i can tell, there were no dragoons with scopes. the first scopes were pem's and started in the late 30's well after dragoons stopped being produced.
    if you really have a dragoon or even an ex-dragoon, i'd buy another mosin 91/30 and mount a scope on it rather than ruin the future collector value of the dragoon. might not be worth a bunch now but neither were cherry m1's 25 years ago. now look how much they are.
  10. yes. there's really no difference to speak of, that far back on the recievers where the side rail mount goes.
  11. if you want more help on a scope that would be appropriate for your rifle, we'll need to know more about it. there are no dragoon 91/30's. the 91/30 replaced the dragoon. if you give us the year of the rifle and some details, we can help show you to the correct style scope.