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  1. Edward

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    I am looking to scope my M1A, I have been looking at the Springfield Armory 4-14 Govt model. Any thoughts?

    Also, does anyone know what "ballistically tuned for 7.62 (.308) match ammo" actually means?

    Are there other scopes I should be looking at?

    Thanks a lot
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    There are all kinds of options for scoping a M14ish. My fav is a offset side cambered mounted with an 3x9 Redfield with built in range finder, low light also.

    Many a Jarhead liked them in the bad old days.
    Find a 1969 Shooter's bible and read what is written about it. It may amaze you.

    Like car parts, ammo can be "tuned" by various tricks.

    Weighing all the projectiles using only the ones that are the same grain wieght. Sizing and weighing each piece of brass. Pouring power to the same amount, grain for grain. You wear a mask, so not to blow a grain off as you pour it into the shell.

    Been there, done that :)

  3. I have a Sheperd Scope mounted on mine and it works great. Mine has the built in rangefinder and I have had it for about 8 years now.