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  1. I had been looking for a Type 99 Arisaka to round out my WWII rifle collection and never seemed to be able to find one that hadn't been sporterized or had the mum ground off. I happened to be hanging around a local gunshop when a young (early 20's) guy asked the owner if he was interested in a Jap rilfle.

    The owner wasn't interested but knew I was and pointed him in my direction. I offered to look at it and met at the same gunshop after a couple of days. The rilfle was in awsome shape-mum intact, cleaning rod, aircraft sights, no rusting or pitting, an early hooked quillian bayonet (Tokyo Arsenal), and a mostly full box of Privi 7.7 ammo.

    I offered him $250, which was all I had and the kid accepted. He actually looked suprised and happy that I offered him that much. The only thing that I need to fix is the rear sling swivel which was replaced with a bent nail (still had the base) and maybe replace the sight as the peep is broken at the halfway making it u-type rear sight. Also I need to find a frog for the bayonet sheath.
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    What a great buy! Gets you thinking you should have offered less never know how low he would have gone, but you both got a good deal on that one. Too bad about the front sight ears, but that's pretty common. But to have everything else in tact, congrats on that acquisition! But only congrats if you can prove it with some pics, because without pics, no one will believe you even have it :)

    I made my own frog for my type 30 bayonet for my type 38 in 6.5. Mum intact on that baby as well. I thought I really overpaid for it when I bought it as it was just in atrocious shape. It was very rusty. I took the wire wheel to it for a couple hours, and it really did look good as new. The rifle was shot (literally) as there was a bullet strike on the barrel shank. The lower butt plate screw was also rotted out, so when I took it out, all the rotten wood came with it. So I drilled out the stock to accept a half inch dowel and redrilled that to fit the screw. Good as new. Here are a few pics:




    Here's a link to the vid on my YT page that has the frog on it:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Bayonet Frog and Gong Project.wmv[/ame]

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    Very nice, sounds like a good score with the bayo and all. Do you know the arsenal? Does yours have the AA wings and monopod ? Post up some pics and get some shots of the serial # and arsenal markings on the left side of the receiver. @ IronColonel i like that bullet strike,, i have a T-99 that was shot in the grip area of the stock, luckily just missing the metal, ill dig up some pics.
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    Yeah, I'd like to see pictures. Sounds like a pretty good deal!

    The neat thing about these Jap rifles is that there are so many variations!
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    Nice find. Im not sure why they are not desirable to alot of collecters. I have two T99 7.7,s and one was sporterized with new barrel, williams sights, bent custom bolt, and a Fajen walnut stock. its nice but it has no value now. I have another one that someone has cut the stock to sporter it and nothing else has been touched. It has the mum attached. I want to find comlete wood stock for it but have been told that there were different made stocks and may not fit. I thought that any T99 stock would work if i find one. Anyhow congratulations on a really nice find.
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    Nice! It's even got the Imperial Emperor mark. I heard majority of those had the flower filed off.
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    Cool, nice going! Always wanted one of these, but something always comes up before I have the money saved for one.
  8. Nice Gun Grab!
    Cool story to how the T99 came to you.
    I have a T38 and T99 (both with mums, matching #'s) that I still have too pay for and a Type 2 Paratrooper(no mum, non matching) that I traded some fishing equipment for...that's the best story I have for you.

    I just won a Type 30 Bayonet from EBAY. Marked Matsushita National Denki under Kokura supervision. Came with scabbard and frog.
    I paid $93.00 with shipping. A Steal!!
    Why I am telling you this is because I am following another auction that is very close to what I already have and is already over $150.00 without shipping.
    For whatever reason (Maybe the HBO series The Pacific) has pumped the price of Type 30 Bayonets through the roof.
    Another auction that offers just the frog is nearing $70.00.
    Be patient and look hard and you will get that frog for decent money and most likley with another bayonet.
    I too, would love to see photo's.

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    i had a chance to pick up a japanese fire arm when i was still in high school the ownr lived next door and came home with it after the war was just sitting in his basment but my dad wouldnt let me get it wish i had push harder it was not clean but in good shape for sitting untuched /i have a what looks like a 98k but has the flower on the breach over sized triger gaurd picked it up 22 years back never looked in to what or waer any ideas
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    Pictures, please! Can't identify anything from just a description...
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    gotta love a Type 99. Seriously one of the most underappreciated rifles in history. Good score!