Scout Scoped M91/59

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    Hi all I have some pics of my 91/59 with scout scope.I used a one piece mount with integral scope rings that fits on a 3/8 dove tail. This is the only way I have installed a scout scope that did not require any adjustment in the base during scope zero and it does not require any drilling or tapping to install it is a complete bolt on. I used a Ncstar 2x7x32 ler scope. I had an extra hand guard that I cut about an inch off of so it would fit an not contact the scope mount. The results at the range were good .I was able to hold a 1 1/2 to 2 inch group at 100 yards with milsurp ammo . The rear sight was held in place with 2 pins that you remove with a pin punch from left to right .Remove the upper hand guard.After you remove both pins move the sight base forward and off the dovetail you may have to use a soft mallet and strike the sight base a few times to get it to slide off.
    032.jpg You can see that I had to do a little bit of filing on the right side so the scope would set level .I use aluma black to touch up the filed area.
    033.jpg This one shows the original hand guard and the modified hand guard
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    That looks like a real solid LER set-up! Was it difficult to get the sight off the dovetail?
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    it was easy to remove
  5. Just punch out two pins and slide it off the dovetail I believe.
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    Yea looks good. Glad it's shooting well for you too. I've got a 1944 Tula ex-sniper I am doing this to, so we'll see how it comes out. Got a junky ATI composite stock that I had to do a lot of fitting to so it would go in and screw in place. The rear sight on this one is being a PITA, so I'll have to get cracking on it one of these days.
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    New York
    Looks like it will be a good brush gun for you. What you going after with it?
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    I figured I could use it for almost anything here in north / east Texas.
    I was thinking brush to 150 yds . That was the reason for the scout scope as opposed to the regular scope setup .The scout scope seems like it has less of the tunnel vision effect for me. So I thought it would work well at short to medium range.
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    Nice job, I like the scout concept. I gave one of my new Big5 91/59 to a guy who put a PU side mount Russian set on it for ferral pig in Carmel but I never heard back from as to how it worked. I think the scout would be better for close up hunting it thick brush. Still have two unfired samples I plan on using for holliday gifts this year.


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    MJ my friend, how can I get on your Christmas list?:D
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    That is a nice set you got there. I would like to put a sniper or conventional type scope on one of these carbines as well as my having the scout setup on one too.
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    I had twenty of these made up just like the one pictured and gave one to each of the nineteen most intelligent posters on this forum. Hope you guys enjoyed them.

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    I wanted to give one to gandog but I couldn't find 200 to have made up.
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    When you get around to Gandog's rifle don't forget he likes his with an extra shiny finish .:rambo: [​IMG]
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    Excellent choice of scope mounts on your gratious gifts.:yup: