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Scpoe mount base????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Full MeTal Jack, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. I've got a Jap barreled action that someone tried to rechamber. The case is squared off at the shoulder, barrel is no good-maybe. Mabye it can be rechambered for 338-06 or shorteded for the WSM 308. My REAL QUESTION is What scope mount BASE do you use for the Jap action???? Question 2.) If anyone has a scoped Jap, is the safety knob hard to operate????
  2. FMJ:
    Forget re-re-chambering the 7.7 JAP. The chamber is allready too large at the base for 30-06 size cases and the action is realy too short for 30-06 length cartridges. Some people have done it....I wouldn't shoot it. Get another barrel...the 7.7 is a fine cartridge.
    I use "one piece" Weaver #70. You can use any bases that fits the Remington Mod. 600/660. I think Rem. Mod 700 bases will also work. If you can find a Redfield Sr. or Jr. that is made for the Remington Mod. 30S....they work great. The safety is easy to use if it is in good condition. You may have to do some stoning to make it work easier.

  3. Thanks Gary, Are you familiar with the chamber thread size and pitch to thread a barrel to the Jap?
  4. FMJ:
    The Type 99 barrel thread is a metric pitch, but most gun smiths use 1.050" X 17 T.P.I. (The actual metric pitch is 1.5)
    The Type 38 is 1.020" X 14 T.P.I.
    Both require extractor cuts, which can be seen on old barrel when removed.
  5. Thanks again Gary I will keep this for future refrence. Got several projects ahead of this one.

    Keep 'em in the 10 ring