Screen width going bonkers here at GnG?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by FN FAL, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. FN FAL

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    Over the past couple weeks or so the screen width of the Forum index and pages has went weird on me. It will even change sizes as you go from one page to another and then back to the main Forum page. Right now its down to about half the width of a 24" monitor but next time I visit it might be less than that or more but never over about half the screen.

    Anyone else having the same problem and what is the cure?

    I am not having this problem anywhere else.

  2. rl69

    rl69 G&G Evangelist

    im having the same problems

  3. I'm without problems. I DID, however, recently upgrade to a nice widescreen.
  4. Chris

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    The width will change from full screen when you come to the forums.
    I'm playing with the Ads on the side that allow the full 300x250 column that you see.
    Most users of G&G do no use a monitor larger than 17 inches.
    I never took this into account when creating the new design, so I'm having to correct that now.
    this is my ultimate goal right here.

    I've attached what the 300x250 column looks like. There is a balance...I'm trying to get them both.

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  5. it's looking kinda small on my 24" monitor.
  6. kansascoyote

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    Its funky on a 12" lap top screen But what ever no complaints here I just enjoy coming on the site .
  7. TACAV

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    Yea i have that problem too, its very annoying.
  8. I'm on a 19 inch widescreen, and it looks perfect.
    Also, holy crap! Glad I'm not you, Chris. 35 notifications? No, thank you!
  9. TACAV

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    Thats cool, and understandable,

    I have a 22" wide screen monitor, everything used to be fine, now everything is scruntched down and narrow so I have to scroll down a lot further to get to the powerkeg for example and all of the individual sub forum catagories in military rifles for example are all stacked on top of each other instead of layed out more evenly in a more horizontal manor.

    It just makes everything a bit harder to see.
    Whats funny though is that the first time I navigate to the main forums page where ALL of the sub forums are laid out, it initially loads everything laid out in a pretty decent horizontal manner however immediately after the page fully loads (after a fraction of a second) it auto switches it over to this vertical smushed look.

    Oh well,

    Thanks for looking into though.
  10. Brandhard

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    Yeah I've got the same thing, just a narrow strip down the middle of my screen, I figured Chris would fix it when he got a chance.
  11. Chris

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    Joe, can you take a screen shot of what they are referring to?
  12. Brandhard

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    Hey Chris I was exaggerating to say that it was a small strip, sorry for that, but it did use to be wider for sure, and made the forum lists easier to read.
    I've got a screen shot, but it looks like we've got some other issues, so there's no photo post option, and I DON'T know HTML, so here's my best shot...

    <IMG SRC="">
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  14. Brandhard

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    Better you than me Chris!! Take it easy man, go down to the beach... soak up some rays... you've earned it.
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    I use the kiddy program.
    Child of pro, works for me.