Screw the .370 Sako. The .358 Hawk.

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  1. Earlier I mentioned how I want to get a Rem. 700 in .35 Whelen. Well, I think I'm going to, but I think I'm gonna' get it rechambered to the wildcat .358 Hawk. This will be 1 nice timber rifle for bears and elk and the like. Also, check out the hawk wildcats those things are cool. They are based on the -06 case and the biggest 1, the .411 Hawk, beats out the .450/400 Nitro Express.
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    Sounds interesting, no doubt! But, I'll stick with my 35 Whelens, thanks. Best of luck with that big boy!

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    These cartridges look nice on paper, but do you have the means to reload for them?
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    If you give the demensions you can have any wildcat dies you want.However I like to stick to something that is fairly popular.I find that the cartridge that beats all others is the one that is available and I have used enough to be very proficient with.I have used many different cartridges but always feel suficiently armed when carrying a .22lr, .30-06,.38spl,9mm,.44mag,12or20ga,depending on the circumstances.If I am using one of these in the field they were intended for they will do their part. sam.