Sea-Faring Drug Smugglers Burn Boat -- Not Cocaine

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    Sea-Faring Drug Smugglers Burn Boat -- Not Cocaine

    Oct 23, 9:12 am ET

    BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Their plan was to burn $75 million worth of cocaine before the Colombian navy reached their speedboat -- far, far off the country's Pacific coast.
    Instead, the quick-thinking drug traffickers had to jump ship when their boat caught fire. To their surprise, the bagged cocaine also spilled into the ocean -- and some even was found bobbing alongside the crew when authorities arrived.

    "When they saw themselves surrounded, the crew of the boat set a fire to erase the evidence. But the boat didn't burn completely and some packets of the drug wound up floating," the navy said in a statement.

    The navy added that it "rescued" the five crew members, who were subsequently arrested and brought to shore. Colombia supplies the vast majority of the world's cocaine, producing more than 580 tons of the white powder every year -- the bulk of which ends up on U.S. streets. Colombia says it has seized 79 tons of cocaine this year, most of it as the drug was being smuggled north by sea.