Sea Lion Breaches Security at SFO

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    I dont make this stuff up....but man I feel so safe flying now!!!!
    I just love the excuses.....The thing weighed 280 pound and over 7 ft long...and Im sure not that fast...

    Thursday June 20 09:22 PM EDT
    Sea Lion Breaches Security at SFO
    By Manuel Ramos
    The latest security headache at SFO has fins and a taste for fresh fish.

    A sea lion managed to get through security at San Francisco International Airport, crossing two runways and a concrete tarmac. Officials didn't discover the intruder until it got to a terminal.

    The sea lion is now under care of the Marine Mammal Center in Marin. But the question now is: how safe is the airport? How good is security when a mammal -- as big as a professional basketball player -- can penetrate it?

    "The mammal was very low-profile, had no metal objects on it," said SFO spokesman Ron Wilson. "We do have a ... ground surveillance radar, which will pick up metal objects that are moving about the airfield."

    Radar didn't spot him -- and neither did the people in the towers, who are supposed to keep an eye out there -- as he came out of the bay in the dark, and lumbered across two runways and two taxiways early Tuesday morning. Luckily, there weren't any airplanes out there at the time.

    The sea lion appears hard to miss, at 280 lbs. and close to seven feet long.

    "Perhaps because he was disoriented, when he came out of the water, instead of going back in, he just kept coming inland," said the Marine Mammal Center's Kathryn Zagzebski.

    He was finally detected at American Airlines (news - web sites) gate 64.

    "You have to reflect back on security. What if it was a person that tried to do that?" Wilson said. "That is why we are now considering fencing the perimeter of the airport."

    The sea lion is getting medical attention, and it has a new name: Runway.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    How do you cuff and stuff one of those things?!

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    I never saw any Sea Lions near SF. Are they supposed to live there? Seals are common, but not Sea Lions.
  4. Yeah probably got it's training in Afghanistan.
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    "That is why we are now considering fencing the perimeter of the airport."

    You mean to tell me the airport ISN'T fenced? Why not?

    And now you can understand why the lack of airport security is the way that it is. (LOL)