SEAL museum video features Kappernick jersey

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    I thought it was pretty bad when hockey players lined up to hold hand in honour of BLM BS. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse......

    It looks more and more like we won't be able to reverse this cultural onslaught with talk. The SJW are committed. ANTIFA is committed. If the Democrat socialists win in 2020 and if the Liberals win up here (we also have a federal election this year)........
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    Rocky7: Sir; how to stir a pot

    We became aware today of a video of a Navy SEAL Museum event posted last year with a military working dog demonstration. In the demonstration, the target is wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey,” the statement read. “The inherent message of this video is completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare [NSW] and the U.S. Navy.

    It added: “We are investigating the matter fully, and initial indications are that there were no active-duty Navy personnel or equipment involved with this independent organization’s event.”


    Fox News reached out to the Navy SEAL Museum for comment.

    In one video, it showed up to four dogs attack a man wearing the Kaepernick jersey.

    In a second video, someone can be heard saying “Navy SEALs and Navy SEAL dogs take down Colin Kaepernick for not standing during National Anthem," the man who is attacked by a dog can be heard saying, "Oh man, I will stand."
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    I saw the video and laughed. I love my SEAL brothers and I hope they stand strong through this. Remember Brothers, "NEVER RING THE BELL" and fight the enemy with all your might!

    The flag means something to those of us who have had fellow warriors draped in it for their final ride home!
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    Excellent. Thanks for correcting my wrong first impression. You get used to seeing crap and then expect it.
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    Ironic that the liberals haven't complained about John Lewis' casket being covered with the flag.:rolleyes:
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    Havent you heard LIBERALS can do no wrong. They are right in everything. Just ask one.
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