Second Wave? Nope.

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    Yesterday (23OCT20) the US had a record 90,219 new cases of China virus infection. Consequently, the media talking heads are screaming, “The second wave is upon us!” Whatever.

    Cases make for an interesting statistic, but what really matters is the number of deaths.

    Much to the discredit of our medical community, China virus death stats are very deceitful. Even the CDC has admitted that every death attributed to the China virus has an average of 2.3 additional comorbidities, for example cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. In other words, people recorded by the CDC as dying from the China virus have, on the whole, been very unhealthy with multiple deadly illnesses to begin with. Yet despite those additional health problems, the deaths get recorded as caused by the China virus. Very misleading.

    That said, we don’t have much choice. The way the CDC records China virus deaths is all we have as a measurement tool, so I’ll use their numbers despite how they are lacking in veracity.

    Between Independence Day and Labor Day, the number of China virus deaths in the US increased 46.2%. From Labor Day through yesterday, the number of deaths increased only 18.6%. That’s how the media defines a “second wave?”

    Well, the media mainly likes to scream about cases because the numbers are larger and more dramatic. Okay, so let's look at cases, even though they are a less relevant statistic. The increase from Independence Day to Labor day was 117.5%, but from Labor Day through yesterday cases increased only 34.8%.

    Where is the evidence for the media's “second wave?” It's a media falsehood, also known as propaganda. There is no evidence for a second wave. Not yet. I do believe a second wave is coming round the corner, but we are not there yet.

    Isn’t it just a little too convenient that the media is spewing fear-based propaganda about a supposed second wave when we’re within two weeks of the national election? Since the numbers don’t support their message, it is obviously yet another example of the media lying in order to sow fear in the American people. Why would the media lie to us? Clearly, in hopes they will cause Americans to vote emotionally for the presidential candidate who likewise bangs the drum of fear, Joe Biden.

    Let’s hope the media fails in its ugly attempt at voter manipulation.
  2. rando

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    I am tired of hearing that lying Biden using the Virus stats and deaths as Trumps fault. Are the lefties that stupid to believe him or should I say discredit someone because of a virus. They actually think the virus response makes Trump a bad president. Oh really! I could give a better chit about the virus right now at this point. I am tired of the left hoping to go full steam ahead destroying or country, lives and economy. Also the nonsense I say again that the brain dead left blamed Trump for not taking quick action to shut this country down. Then they say he destroyed the economy from his shut downs. What the hell do these retards want. They better look at each states Governors and Mayors because they did all the damage and not Trump. Then on top of it all they let terrorist groups come and destroy their towns and cities and went along with it. I just cant understand these Democratic supporters being so dumb and blind. A little kid can see through their chit.

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    ^^ That's kind of how I feel too. I think it's coming, but we might be deep into winter before we really see a significant uptick.
  4. BigEd63

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    And truth be told a bunch of those comorbidities are the individuals own fault.
    Yeah I got my own. I do what I can to fight them but I got them.

    Keystone one for the other two is my weight.

    Is that Trump's fault? No!
    Can Biden wave a magic wand and make C-19 and my health issues go away? No!
    Only an idiot would believe that!
  5. Huey Rider

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    Bingo! Deamoncraps are idiots!!
  6. jedwil

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    I'm thinking the Chinese have learned a lot after unleashing this weaponized virus on the world.
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  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    The whole "second wave" thing originated with the Ministry of Democratic Partei Propaganda assumption that covid would behave like influenza. A big first wave, followed by a pause and then a second wave of illness, is how the flu works every year and how the Spanish Flu of a century ago worked. Because the latter was a worldwide killer pandemic, the reporters are trying to say the two diseases are alike.

    It's comparing apples and oranges, however. Covid is NOT the flu. We don't even have a good grasp of how it spreads yet. We don't know if it is a respiratory disease as was first thought, or if it is a vascular disease as some of the doctors studying it now think it may be, based on the condition of people who have survived bad cases of it. It is possible that it swings both ways depending on opportunity and the physical condition of the afflicted individual. The only thing we know works for certain is isolation. We don't have any treatments that work 100% of the time to help you get over it. And we are nowhere near a vaccine.

    We have no idea of covid's cycle. Does it start slow, ramp up, then burn out? Does it come in waves that start high and then get lower and lower? Does it ramp up, then level off? We just don't know. We don't know much more than which age groups are more at risk, what pre-existing factors up the risk of catching it, and that people with type A or AB blood are more at risk than those with type B or type O. Not a lot of help, is it?

    So take the braying of the talking heads about this "second wave" with a grain of salt. They don't know any more about this than you do. You need to use your common sense. And you know what they say when you assume something: It just makes an a$$ out of U and ME.
  8. Ten Man

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    Simple......They want Trump gone.
  9. Ten Man

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    Unfortunately, there are a LOT of idiots that believe Biden.
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  10. shanebrews

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    Yes, they are. I heard some little black boy in my daughter's kindergarten class aping some dogma he had no doubt picked up from his parents, "Well, I don't like President Trump because he gave his wife the 'rona."
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  11. mitchr

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    More "blame Trump"! His parents just assumed Trump was at fault, along with all the other "media" believing sheep. Maybe Melania gave it to him!:rolleyes:
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  12. neophyte

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    simpletons view:

    democrat created the sheep
    buying votes
    owning voters
    manipulate facts
    Dumbing down mass
    government teats suckle
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  13. TXplt

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    More communism:

    THIS is how it starts. And propagates. VERY old story.

    SOME event happens which is--or can be--serious. It IS significant and scares people. And is real even if overstated or the numbers monkeyed with.

    And then miscreants in the state jump in to 'save' them from something that's essentially uncontrollable. But if you only do (insert ineffective ritual or action here) you might be safe. These actions and rituals build on each other. Happily enforced by busybodies who relish immersed in their own fear. The rituals don't have to be based in any form of rationality or science--so long as someone who LOOKS well spoken and credible can propagate them. It's dangerous territory. And there's always some group or person to demonize.

    ....if only we remove the Jews who were responsible for this mess to begin with because most of them are financially tied and bankers our nation will flourish.....They are the dirty and ugly scourge that caused our financial collapse........

    And then the Karens of Germany glee in turning in their neighbors to be whisked away. Thinking they are doing good.

    Propaganda and media stoke the fear. Marxists step in with their own moves.

    Whether it's a cult or a country this is how it happens.
  14. Ten Man

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    I'll just share an example of the stupidity sweeping the nation, much of it generated by corporate morons.

    Yesterday, I went to the local auto parts store to get 5 qts. oil, oil filter, air filter, windshield washer fluid, headlight lamps, and a couple other small items. I looked around for a basket or cart. None to be seen. There was no "Mask" mandate posted in the store, nor on the door. Only a couple sheeple in the store wore a mask. Most did not. I asked one of the clerks for a basket or cart, and was told that it was corporate policy to not allow baskets or carts to be used by the public, due to COVID, and touching the baskets or carts.

    I just looked at him and asked, "How do the items get stocked on the shelves?" He told me that at least three different people have touched any item on the shelves, by the time the customers see it. I had to use a "Touch Pad" to look up the filters I wanted! I proceeded to fetch each item, one at a time, and stack each item I found in the store on one of their checkout counters, then go get the next item, etc., until I had all 8 items on the checkout counter. It was absolutely stupid policy. I let them know in no uncertain terms, what I thought of their stupid, illogical policy. :mad:
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  15. TXplt

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    It's amazing to me how many people haven't thought about things like this. Who haven't really looked into something that might be important in life but just blindly follow some directive from someone else. Thinking that if they do so it'll keep them safe (while at best having no effect and at worst making things much worse).

    Being happy in being lied to and then taking it to the higher level of being happy in lying to oneself.

    I guess Ayn Rand got this concept right in "Atlas Shrugged" when she described how statism pervades and oozes into a culture.

    And we both were in the military (where you HAD to follow a lawful order--or what seemed to be a lawful order at the time--sometimes not knowing why because there wasn't time to try to figure that out in a dynamic environment--not that we didn't have a quest to try to figure OUT why when time and conditions permitted). Yet these people (who never have been subjected to the environment where lawful orders are required to be executed) have no problem in blindly 'following orders' which extend to the absurd.

    I kinda wonder at this point whether figuring out after the fact all the once highly regarded people who've lied to me about important things (ozone layer, gun control, CO2 scam, 'renewable' energy, spending deeply into unrecoverable debt is OK and it's just cash flow that counts, etc...., WuFlu scam) is a blessing or a curse. If I'd never scratched the surface below the bumper stickers perhaps it'd have resulted in being happier than watching large groups of people head off a cliff in the wrong direction but not being able to do much about it.
  16. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    LOL!!! It sort of makes you (and me) wonder, sometimes, if it was worthwhile to get educated and trained to become a critical thinker and action taker, just to watch it all fade into meaninglessness in our "Golden Years."
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  17. quavodus

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    Oh yeah, they've learned a whole lot. That the rest of the world hates their guts and I hear China wants a war. Really with who, the rest of the world?
  18. AK Hunter

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    How much you want to bet it will all be over Nov. 3rd??
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  19. Huey Rider

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    It’s gonna take longer than that for all the votes to be counted with all these new BS voting policies these blue dates have instituted.
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    New York
    You might be able to make haiku out of that. Keep working on it.
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