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Security Measures for the Celebration of our "Freedom"

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Now normaly I dont cut/past this guys articals as I (ME >>MY OPION) is that he rants too much and misses the facts a little to much.. But this artical thouh long winded got my fuzzy little brain going....especialy near the end. I hope you enjoy it and that if nothing else it makes you think.

    Saturday June 08, 2002 - 03:25:26 AM, PDT

    Homeland Insecurity Update: Security Measures for the Celebration of our "Freedom"
    News Analysis By J.J. Johnson
    Published 06. 7. 02 at 23:15 Sierra Time

    Frankly, if we get through Independence Day without a 'terrorist' incident, it'll be a miracle. Until then, the newest threat warning from the guys who are currently responsible for our safety (the FBI) is of a potential nerve gas attack against American subway systems. And you'll be pleased to know just how much more possible we've made this nightmare, and how much safer you can feel.
    KYW in Philadelphia broke the story Friday that the FBI issued the alert to state and local law enforcement officials - its an internal warning to cops around the nation - cautioning that Al-Qaida supporters in the United States may use nerve gas to poison subway systems in New York, Washington D.C. and other major cities before or during the fourth of July.

    You see, we could just do a World War II type round up and exile, but that would be 'racist'. Ahhh. White People. We'll just keep prosecuting gun cases so you will 'feel safer.

    Kinda makes you wonder what good the military is doing over there when Allah's Army is still planning more mayhem - over here. According to the alert, "this activity is allegedly intended to bring America to its knees on its Independence Day."

    You'll find this pasted all over your Saturday Morning fish wraps.

    Now, how high was your anxiety level before you heard this one? Well, last night, our President told us once again, to get on with our lives, and so we shall. You see, subways are in BIG CITIES.

    BIG CITIES where, if you saw some Jihad freak attempting to release their deadly toxin, you could drop him with one or two bullets, but oops - packing heat is taboo. In fact, many of those BIG CITIES spent the last decade trying to sue gun manufactures.

    BIG CITIES where you could just strap on a gas mask before going to work, but those silly gas masks were only novelty toys for those extremist, right-wing, antigovernment militia types. Nope, if any deadly chemical is released, you can die a 'moderate, mainstream death. But don't forget to dial 911 before taking your last breath.

    So, what's the rest of the holiday threat - planes, trains and automobiles? We could call upon American to take up arms and other defensive measures, but...

    SACRAMENTO - How the west coast prepares for terrorism: Have the California Senate Health and Human Services Committee pass a bill to tax each bullet sold in the Golden State.

    It's California, so you know we're not kidding.

    A state teetering on bankruptcy with over $22 billion in red ink this year (state's can't print more money - yet anyway, remember?) has been looking for any way it can to raise revenue, disarm its population, and normalized its gun laws with that of their southern neighbor. This way, they get to kill three birds with one stone.

    Can't you just see it at the California Checkpoint?

    "Welcome to California. Do you have any fruits or vegetables?"


    "How about any guns, ammo? Inquiring minds at the Office of Homeland Security and the California Department of Revenue and Taxation want to know."

    The Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved the measure, but it now faces uphill fights in the Revenue and Taxation and Constitutional Amendments committees. Actually, slight chance of this passing - since it's an election year.


    So this holiday season, as we ransack your bags, search your cars, scan your faces, invade your political meetings, spy on the net, tax your ammo, ban most of the public from public land, disarm your pilots, raise your taxes, spend your social security, profile average Americans (to make it seem fair), enforce seat belt laws, child restraint laws, demand social security numbers from birth, declare your children wards of the state, give mind-altering drugs to children in school, analyze your finances, conduct open-ended spying operations, and prepare for mandatory vaccines, please know that we only do this so you can spend July 4th celebrating your 'freedom'.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Man I better stock up on them illegal fireworks too! Who knows for howmuch longer we'll get to enjoy that little freedom also.