Seems pretty straight forward, I must have a POS computer

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Eric, Aug 13, 2002.

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    I've seen this message a hundred times. I have now cut and pasted everything(every single post) that explains how to change your avitar and printed it. I've followed each one step by step. The Avitar I want is only 150x119 pixels. I have done every single thing that each one of those 'explanation' post said to do. nothing works. This computer is only a year old, has everybody surpassed me? What now? obviously there is no way I can play, huh?...Excuse me, I'm going outside and blow a tree down. I'll talk to you guys later
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  2. Try this:

    Pull up the pic you want as an avatar.....print it.

    Pull up a message you want to post....tape avatar to the screen, he he he he.

    Gawd, I'm sorry.....I know this is a serious subject and I'm being a butt head. LOL

  3. Armorer

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    It also has to do with SIZE. If it is to many bytes it won't work either.

    Oh yeah POS is Point of Sale. WHat the heck to you think it is?