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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rex in OTZ, May 16, 2008.

  1. Rex in OTZ

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    I had the very bad fortune of cleaning a buddy's gun after I was out shooting, while I was cleaning I mentioned he should clean his as well, he eventually brought in 3 ea 7.62x39's one Russian SKS that was spotless, a carcano 7.62 that was totally hosed, and a Chinese SKS paratrooper that had a seized piston, he had shot corrosive ammo thru the carcano and paratrooper and put them up without cleaning thinking they were regular non corrosive and he eventully stored these in a connex for 4 years, that was the first time I had ever encounterd a seized gas piston& gas tube
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    What a shame. I would kill for a decent Carcano!

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    best rule..... clean at the end of the day. sorry he had to learn the hard way.
  4. 762x39FMJ

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    **** that brought tears to my eyes! Bet he learned a hard lesson! Always clean after every time you shoot no matter the ammo. I would rather be safe than have a junked weapon!
  5. Rex in OTZ

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    The old Carcano will be wearing a Enfield Mk 1 barrel set back to 7.62x39 and the kindling wood stock will go, changed to a nice walnut he pitched the gun, I'll be sending her down to Wasilla this fall at Dividend time for the barrel work
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  6. Sucks to hear about that happening. But I guess he'd probaly be the last man to do that again now. lol So what siezed the gas piston, was that caused by the corrosion too?
  7. Eddie L.

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    Possibly soaking the gas cylinder and piston in diesel for a period of time, bumping it easily occasionally may loosen it. The condition of the cylinder after the piston is removed is probably terriable.
    The Op rod on a Ruger ranch rifle had been frozen after storage for four years. It had according to the owner been fired last with surplus (?). Two weeks of the diesel treatment and a rubber hammer worked. Had he dropped the hammer it could not have been disassembled because the rifle could not have been safed.

    Hope it helps
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    Since he shot once in 4 years; he probably won't miss not being able to shoot them.
    Some peolpe are too lazy and should not own guns.

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    Either that or buy NON corrosive ammo. SHEESH! If you love yer guns ditch the corrosive stuff.... unless it's all you can get. :burnout:
  10. marion57

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    :hitwithrock:keep in mined that even non corrosive ammo isnt good for the barrel after a short period of time let alone 4 yrs:hitwithrock::34:
  11. Rex in OTZ

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    I soaked the piston/tube with Kroll and drifted it out useing a drive pin punch and synthetic shot filled mallet, we eventually got it clean but the tube is rough and the sides of the gas piston are pitted thru the chrome, we used a little bit of scotch brite to clean up the surfaces the fit is awful and the tube & piston will have to be changed for it to shoot again, I managed to get the piston to move inside the tube but the tolerances are so bad I think it would bind up after a few shots as it was a bugger getting the piston to move in the tube, once that crome smoothe surface is
    compromised it's junk.
  12. marion57

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    just replace it your wasting your time trying to clean it .. even clean it wont function properly:(
  13. Yep, IF he's going to start taking care of it, buy both the tube and piston.
    BTW, did you closely look over the springs?

  14. I know where one is. That is if the shop still has it?
  15. 762x39FMJ

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    If that guy doesn't want it I am willing to adopt that poor abused Carcano and give it a god home!
  16. Rex in OTZ

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    Numrich has 3 different SKS catagories the model 45 the Type 56 and the Yugo 59/66
    the type 56 they list the piston from the model 45 and the Yugo gas tube.