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    Anyone familiar with me knows i'm against gun registratuion, but try to be a law abiding citizen. I was recently a victim of a home invasion. The police didn't even want to come out for a report.
    When they did finally arrive one was wearing a bullet proof vest, cuz i'm a registered gun owner! I'm not a criminal, nor am I about to shoot a cop, I'm the victim!
    I sure was treated like the perp. instead, and the first thing I had to do was keep my hands in view while they they found my locked and secured rifle. They out right told me they didn't believe me, and accused me of spending my money gambling, or on dugs, threating to charge me with mischief.
    Would i really spend my own rent and food money AS WELL as steal personal sentimental objects from my late father? When they finally believed me and actually took the knife used when i was assaulted as well as the bottle i was hit over the head with, I asked if there is anything i can use in self defense.
    The answer is no, anything kept as a weapon or for defense will result in a charge against me! I thought in America you can defend your life and property, so perhaps I should move. I can also think of 303 British charges the next criminal will bring my way because this won't happen to me again!
    Unless I can somehow raise about $ 400.00 by the end of the month, I don't know where I will live. Having a disability is one thing now having to go hungry and facing virtual homeless as well as living in fear is too much to take. There is no where to turn for the money including social service etc. so I hope that it was worth it to the thief, as desperate men do desperate things, and if I find him you may just be reading abt. me in the papers. At least in jail you get three hots and a cot so I won't be hungry any more.
    Any ideas of what I can use to defend myself, and where I can turn to for help to replace the rent and phone bill money that was robbed, would be greatly apppreciated, as I need all the help I can get and ain't to proud to take it from anywhere it comes.
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    I'm very troubled to hear of your misfortune. Thank goodness your not hurt too badly. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to help. Is there anyone to contact in Manitoba to get your story out. Folks around here pitch in when some one has a house fire or something similar happen. Usually the news media will help set up a fund at a local bank or other community place.

    Normally, here you can defend your life but the property thing gets fuzzy. Well, it all gets fuzzy. I would be willing to help anyone reloacte by showing them the ropes of the area if they were to move.

    This is nerve racking, very, very, bad. I wish I could be of more help.

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    so sorry to hear about your misfortune. your more than welcome to relocate here, in the states. some places here let you defend yourself and property, and others treat you like a criminal. i do not know the nature of your disability, or how social service operate up there. perhaps private organizations, such as churches, could be of service.
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    Well I don't belong to a church besides my own beliefs.As far as the media goes, this is old news, and becoming pretty common place in Winnipeg. In my apt block alone there were 4 similiar events the same night as mine.
    I live in subsidized housing, and they will not give me a transfer based on safety issues. Following the week-end this occured numerous people left my apt block, most were midnite-moves as it was the beginning of the month.
    A pellet was fired thru the peep hole of my door, and 2 more the following day into my door, and I was told not to contact police. A knife was also left in my wall (which after the third visit) the police decided to print but got nothing.
    I told dis-ability who informed me my benifits would be cut off unless I stayed there, as I would otherwise be considered of no fixed address. Seems now I'm destined to hope for the charity of others, spend my days on public computers, or other safe places during the day, and shiver and shake with a loaded gun during the night. The worst of it is one of the people involved lives some-where in my building, but police say they can't enter his suite with-out more evidence even though some-one saw some of my items there. I can get an occassional bite to eat from a friend or neighbour, it's the constant fear that is the worst, that and the lack of sleep from worrying.

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    Ah yes, good ol' Kanada is starting to be like sorry Taras...move down here bud!
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    Sorry to hear that.

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    Taras,seriously,think about moving here. A person shouldn't have to live that way. Easy-off oven cleaner works good sprayed in the eyes,and hey,you were just cleaning your oven when they broke in and you panicked and sprayed them with what you had in your hand!
  8. Taras, dang, that's a bummer.

    It's sad to say that protecting oneself has become a nightmare, it seems.

    Glad to see you are safe, though.
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    Taras I am sorry to hear about your misfortune that is one thing about the states when something like this happens the community pulls around the person and helps out. As to the protection of your life and property it definitely sounds like Canada has taken after Kalifornia they want you to be a victim and thats all.

    I would definitely say you are welcome in the states - I think I can say for all of us we would be willing to show you the ropes down here. Good luck with things
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    Send the same story to every newspaper you can find an address for as an editorial. It won't solve your problem but at least it will point out to evertbody the treatment you recieved from a couple very lousy cops. If you generate enough heat maybe someone will treat those cops to the second class treatment you recieved. As the song goes, sometimes you gotta kick a little, and make a noise to be heard!