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  1. I was at the range last week Friday. I bought my Garand from the . The barrel is new from Springfield INC. in .308. My first outing to the range I used Winchester 150 grain ammo. I only shot 60 rounds. I ordered 400 rds of .308 from made by Sellier & Bellot. I have used this ammo before for all my pistols and I have never had a problem. Now I go to the range last Friday and after the second clip the problems start. After firing the first round, the bolt would come back far enough to eject the empty shell, but it would not cycle another round into the chamber. I would pull the trigger and click, a dry fire would occur. I chamber another round and the same thing kept on happening. This would clear up after a few shots then bam, the bolt would fail to chamber another bullet because it didnt go back far enough.

    As I said, many people have told me that S&B ammo is clean, good ammo. Never had a problem with it in my pistols. Could this be the problem? Stock Doc told me it may be the spring, or even the gas cylinder. I hope its not, I dont think the Garand Guy would sell me a piece of **** M-1 Garand.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    I doubt if it is the Garand. I had the same problem with some Talon ammo. I now shoot nothing but good quality ammo. American Eagle which is made by Federal seems to do just fine in my rifle. I shoot 30.06, and the 150 grain boat tail is only
    $9.00 a box. I may pay a little more but I know that every time I pull the triger there will be another round waiting in the Chamber.

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    He forgot to tell you I said ammo first. Then I went throught he other possiblities. Its hard when you dont have a hand full of parts and a bucket of different ammo's. I take this with me for every new Garand I get. Rick B
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    is the 30-06 s-b ammo corrosive? it is for my 7.62x54r ?
  5. No it is not corrosive. Its actually pretty good ammo. Never had a problem with my pistols. Very clean and accurate. My .308 Garand just doesnt like this ammo.