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    Well, my mom and I talked tonight about her concealed carry. Mom is pretty badly handicapped and I am not happy that she is not carrying her concealed weapon. She's had several issues lately, and now she's having animal issues since she very slowly walks a bichon frise in our yard that the coyotes think looks mighty tasty. I don't want her getting attacked by a coyote. And I don't want any of her people issues getting out of hand, either.

    She confided in me that her conceal carry gun is not one she can practice with and she does not feel comfortable carrying it if she can't practice with it. Apparently it causes such pain that her arm is almost unusable for about a week after shooting it. And she's scared to death of the gun now.

    So I agreed to sell it for her so she could get something she can handle. I'm not happy she wants a 22lr, but if she'll carry something I can deal with that.

    Anyway, she's got a Taurus 85UL blued. She got it used in great condition. She has personally put 100 rounds through it. It's still in good shape, she never did carry it. It needs a really good cleaning, which it will get. My problem... what the heck should I sell it for? She's hoping to get her money back out of it, and she didn't spend much on it to begin with. What do you suggest?

    Also, any good suggestions for a good 22LR revolver (please no suggestions for semis, she won't buy one)? It has to be very reasonably priced (like, under $400) because she's on a strict budget. Thanks!
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    Ruger SP101 .22

    Currently the smallest-framed double action revolver in Ruger's product lineup, the SP101 comes chambered in .38 special / .357 magnum, .32 H&R Magnum, and the diminuitive but ever-handy .22 long rifle. One gets 5 shots in the centerfire calibers, and 6 shots in .22 rimfire. The SP101 has found many buyers in the market of concealed carry guns, thanks to the compact package of .357 firepower: on the other hand, the .22 caliber SP101 is tested here in the capacity of a range run.

    Ma'am; you have a tough one with ''mom'', pup, coyote, neighbors, and possibly them ''others'';

    Gun Broker $300.00 range for the Taurus

    The Ruger SP101 .22 is more expensive;

    with your exposure, working in the shop; wow, what a tough question that many of us may be faced with in the future.

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    I try not to loose more than 20-25% on a gun I'm selling that I purchased new.

    For your Mom's application, I would consider adding this Taurus to the list that will soon develop. A bit over $400, 22LR & 22Mag capable, size is right for CCW, 8 or 9 shot. Many thoughts have been processed about using rimfire for SD. Use premium ammo, keep the gun clean, keep oil away from the ammo so it does not seep under the rim making the primer inert. - Gun Genie - Davidson's most popular and powerful search engine to find and buy guns at
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    The blue book calles for it to be worth about $315 .
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    I'm sorry to hear about your Moms' problems and don't have a clue about selling value for her gun. That said, I would HIGHLY recommend a minimum of .22 Mag if used for animal\human self-defense. .32 H&R would be much better as would anything in between, but you have to live within your limitations and I personally know someone who was shot at near point-blank range with a .22 L.R. revolver in the face. The bullet knocked out his two front teeth, turned north and lodged in the roof of his mouth with very little damage being done and he drove himself to the hospital .
    You could also look at a Nagant revolver but ammo is expensive and hard to find (it will chamber a few other calibers though and is a very soft-shooting and accurate gun
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    A five year old boy shot me in the shin with his Ruger 10/22 at the range some time ago. It hurt like heck and took a small chunk out of the bone, but it didn't cause enough damage to even hospitalize me. I broke down and told my mom about it when she said something about the .22 for SD.

    Ya know, one of her cowboy action guns is a 32 H&R mag, I don't know why I didn't think to suggest getting another gun chambered for that. She seems to like it. But then again she also likes her Vaquero and my 686, both 357s, with larger barrels and some weight. Maybe the right 32 H&R... I might need to look up the SP101. She can feel the 357 version at the shop and then we can order the 32 H&R.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Ya know, I just remembered the new .327 Federal Mag. as an alternative. It looks pretty good as well.

    .327 Federal Magnum
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    Yeah, we've got a bunch of those, and I know they can accept 4 different 32 rounds, but actually getting 327 mag ammo in these parts is like finding hen's teeth. And the other 3 aren't any easier. Mom's got a butt ton of 32 H&R in her gun cart. And right now, for her at least, I think it may be a safer bet to not try and introduce any new calibers. Mom's not what one would call a gun enthusiast. We're taking it a step at a time, but she's still somewhat on the anti side.