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Semi auto field hunter

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I just got done cleaning my Charles Daly or "chuck" as I call it and figured I'd see what is on G&G about any of these guns. I quickly found that there is pretty much nothing. Well I have some spare time .....

I got mine when I was still in high school. I was at a gun raffle and won a 20G side by side Spartan. I didn't want this gun and at the time I was using my dad's model 1300 Winchester pump for PA small game. I decided to price some semi's and trade the side by side in for a semi and just make up the cost in cash. The gun store owner talked up Charles Daly and I bought a field edition semi (and I chose Realtree camo) for the price -$60 from my pocket after the Spartan trade, I gave it a whirl. I've had this gun since 2001 or 2002 and I really like it. I had some jams until I found the shells it likes (it is a bit picky). The gun pulls up nice, accepts any rem-choke, and has been out in all weather and proves to be durable. The camo has held up excellent and the gun is no stranger to green briers or a hunter not paying attention to where his feet are stepping and going ass over tin cups.

So here's one for you 'Chuck' - I've read a lot of negative reviews since I purchased this gun but you've been keeping this guy happy for over a decade.
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I've talked to a few people that have them and they do like them until it breaks. Parts can be hard to find at times especially now since they've gone out of business.
That's been my experience - it worked fine until one very cold morning out crow hunting when the handle broke off the bolt. It was a NWTF special edition gun so I've been trying desperately to find parts, but no luck. If anyone has an extra or knows where I can get a new bolt for a CD 12 ga. semi, let me know.
Bish, it sounds like we have the same gun. I won mine at a NWTF dinner in 2002, a 12 ga. semi in Realtree camo finish. Used it for turkey and some crow hunting and always liked it until that cold morning when the bolt handle broke off. A gunsmith friend of mine has been trying to find parts for it for 2 years with no luck, even though I heard somebody bought the company out of bankruptcy court about a year ago, including their entire inventory of parts.
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