semi-autos trio

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  1. here's a picture i took of my 3 semi-autos, i should have a picture of my bolt guns up soon.

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    French Mas

    Is that a 308 or 7.5 Mas you have there. Does it rock - Mine does. Would like to get some more.

  3. Re: French Mas

    Mine is in .308 it's a neat gun, but i'm having some failure to extract problems, and if i can't figure out how to fix it i may just trade it for an enfield i've had my eye on.

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    Heard of this

    There was another post on this either here or another site. seems there may be some blockage in the gas tube. Have you tried cleaning it(the tube)?
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    Here's the JPFO site that address's the .308 MAS49/56 problems. My buddy is working on his, trying to make it cycle reliably (no luck so far), and I got rid of mine before I found this info.