Sen. Tester introduces bill aimed at allowing antique gun re-importation, sales

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    Senator Jon Tester is introducing legislation to allow American made guns that were given or sold to a foreign government to be re imported and sold in the U.S.Tester's Collectible Firearms Protection Act comes days after he pushed the U.S. State Department to reconsider a decision denying the proposed sale of surplus M1 Carbines and Garand rifles from South Korea to qualified American buyers. Many collectors consider the firearms antiques.

  2. Don't let anything Tester does fool you. He's a Liberal Shill from the ground up, firearms bills or not.
    Here in Montana we have window decals and bumper stickers for him.


    He and our State Drunk, Max Baucus rammed bailouts and government helathcare right down our throats.
    Tester is nothing more than a Baucus toady. Montanans with a brain are not fooled by either of them despite their supposed stand on firearms. Its a "stand of convenience" for both of them.