Senator Reid has got to go

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    Please will the elections hurry up and get here so this idiot can be retired permanently.
    CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill - Blogs from
    Attaching immigration legislation to the defense spending bill? I wonder if he got this idea from tweeting with Lady Gaga?
    The DREAM Act has been voted down every single time it's been brought up (starting with the Clinton Administration). Citizenship in return for military service? I can agree with that so long as it is part of an honorable discharge or continued service. But citizenship for going to school for only two years? It's bad enough that illegals here in Texas get breaks on college tuition in the first place. Some of the ones screaming the loudest for violent overthrow of the government by the latino community are college professors, other teachers and students.
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  2. Mmmm,

    I totally agree.

    Yet, why tweet with Lady Gaga when he has Nancy Pelosi to do his thinking for him?

    Reid is truly joined at the hips with Obama, Pelosi, and Texas wannabee governor White.

    Reid is out of touch with middle class Americans who want, deserve, and need a dynamic legislative policy.

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    LOL, I don't think Lady Gaga has ever been accused of thinking, nathangdad; at least not deep thought anyway. Besides, compared to the Wicked Witch of the West, she's more entertaining to look at....for as long as you can stand to.
    Personally, I think Reid has gone into full-blown senility. He keeps saying and doing weirder and weirder things and acts like he has no clue that folks are wondering what he could possibly be thinking. He's not just out of touch, he's not even on the same planet. Attaching the DREAM Act to the defense spending bill, unless the voters of Nevada are as loco as he is, has got to be the death of his re-election bid.

    White is either absolutely nuts or think the citizens of Texas are complete fools. His commercials about how he's going to increase border security after being the mayor of one of the most liberal sanctuary cities in the entire country is a complete farce. The one thing better is his claims of wanting to balance the budget and control spending when Houston was in the red during nearly his entire tenure as mayor (not to mention "borrowing" from pension funds that has never been repaid).
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  4. Burn the phone lines down. Once they get this in they will expand it to include all trespassers.
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    Saw him on tv last night. That man is lathargic AND senile. His ramblings made no sense at all. I must agree DW, he is certifiably nuts.
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    Oh, I didn't mention the our President got up in front of a group of hispanics mere hours after Reid did his bit and threw his full support behind the legislation. Ironic isn't it, that the same government wanted full control of student loans?
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