Senator Tammy Duckworth's patriotism

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    As said on another thread. Lumping all democrats into a group is a mistake. My dad was democrat, but if he were alive today, he'd be the first to denounce what is happening. I'm just hoping the "good" democrats will wake up & realize their party has left them.:rolleyes:
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    So the Democratic gun owners in the sticks go under the bus. It's like there is no difference between the city people and the country people gun owners. What does that accomplish? If I was a Democratic gun owner who would be the enemy?

    Added: Why is it the the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party is not identified as the enemy. Why include those gun owning Democrats along with the lefties. Too bad we cannot all stand together for our rights to own firearms. Also our right to be independent thinkers?
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    I'll just say this I know a few true moderate to conservative Democrats. My real estate/ family attorney is one in that category. Pretty down to earth guy.

    But also know of a few that went from moderate to moonbat crazy.

    And all own guns.

    None are veterans, afaik. Not saying there aren't some around though.

    My two cousins who served in Vietnam era neither were Democrats.
    My father and uncles were at one time but got disgusted by the whiney Georgia peanut farmer.
    Grandpa I don't remember but he killed his share of communists real authentic Bolshiveks (see my avatar) and the Kaiser's finest in WWI and the Polish Soviet War.
    He'd surely be pissed off and disgusted with the Dems today
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    I think they do know that but don't have the numbers to take their party back. Sadly I believe that Jack Kennedy could not even be a democrat today.
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    What happens if we talk firearm ownership rather than political party? Wonder if this political issue made the decline in the NRA worse?
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    As far as I am concerned duckworthless's leftist participation made her and whatever she might have been at one time irrelevant. Once she became a leftist commie anti gun politician she shed any realm of patriotism she might of had and thrown it to the wind. I don't recall ever seeing many duckworth signs in the area but there was not alot of support for Mark Kirk either. It was a race in which the greater of the two evils won mainly with the help of the local media keeping duckworthless in the news.

    I apologize illinois has allowed another one of its mental patients to escape.
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  7. Jaison

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    At one time, Benedict Arnold was a patriot.
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    Yeah, I suppose like we can't get rid of our rinos!:(
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    democrats in very rural area like mine are democrats because under ronald reagan many lost land and cattle. the democrats have been very supportive to farmers and ranchers in the past. the republicans have not. it goes way back to teddy roosevelt. rupublicans then and now only support the very rich ranchers, the copp ones and the ones from out of the country. these local men dont forget that. they would like to stay on the family ranch. i wont get into a political discussion about it. but you all must realize their is more to this country that eastern and southern states. their is western states and it is a whole different ball game out here. dont call these people fools or out of touch. you would be a fool and out of touch if you moved here. people here are real people also, many served our country well at time of war. they have nothing to prove to anyone. the life of a real cowboy is not easy.
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    I understand what you are saying, but I don't see how they can possibly support the likes of pelosi, etal & a vote for ANY democrat is support for her & everything she stands for.o_O
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    It's easy to understand historically. Burned once it's the other's fault. Burned twice it's my fault. How about a word from a soybean farmer.
  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    IF JFK were to make a primary run today with the same platform he used in 1960, he'd be a moderate Republican. That ought to tell you how far to the left the Jackass partei has drifted. They are not the party of Harry Truman and JFK, or even LBJ. They might as well be flying the Hammer & Sickle instead of the Jackass!
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    S.W. MO
    There was also a time when Benedict Arnold was a patriot....

    All dems are now Marxist trash.
  14. Mowgli T.

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    Not Snarky: I was too young for the election of 1960 but did get the next one. I'm sorry I just don't see that. This socialism word is used recklessly these days. What are you talking about. What that all about. As you can tell I cub up with Generals Mattis, Kelly and Powell.
  15. Big Dog

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    That democrat jackarse is now proudly wearing a blanket modeled on the Soviet banner.

    Kruschev was exactly right. They are defeating us from within. And we stand aside and let them. o_O
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  16. Mowgli T.

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    Democrats: I cannot understands this hammer and sickle business when it was off limits to discuss Russia in briefings. All along our intelligence agencies were warning those who would listen that the Russians were interfering with our elections. This Commie stuff is a smoke screen.
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    ^ its the old "accuse your opponents of what you are doing" ( to paraphrase Herr Goebbels)
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