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  1. A couple of days ago a young man in the Phoenix area was killed by a vehicle when he entered traffic, on foot, trying to escape a swarm of bees. That, in itself, is very, very tragic.

    One of the newscasts show the 11--12 year old's football coach giving a memorial speech about him.

    Behind the coach, on the wall, was a banner with the school name and the team's nickname.........The Warlords.

    Now, is it just me, or does the term 'warlords' convey a message of violence and brutality?

    I, personally, am VERY surprised the school, parents, county School Superintendant or the state School Superintendant would allow such a nickname.

    Perhaps I'm over reacting on this but when I hear or see the term warlords I think of power hungry violent people killing people to supress and maintain their power.

    I dunno............
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  2. I agree 100%. Warlords is a terrible name for a team. It needs to be changed. We have a school team here named Trojans. Everytime I see it, I think of uh..something else.

  3. LOL!


    I went to a parocial grade school, Immaculate Conception. Our football team was called the Warlords. I always thought it ironic or hysterical.

    A Catholic School, calles the team Warlords, and we couldn't beat our way out of a wet paper sack!!

    I ahve several freinds that went to a Tech High school, they were the Trojans as well.

    My favorite though is a college Girls Basketball team nearby called........ get this........... The Beavers!:kinky:
  4. That's too dang funny about the girls' college.....yepper...fer sure.

    As far as Trojans go I used to think the same thing Snakebite, lol.
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    "Immaculate conception?" I'm familiar with that. I never had sex w/ my ex wife. My daughter is the second immaculate conception! LOL
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    You people are getting picky realy picky :fuss: :rolleyes:
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    The naming of teams with names like that is an old tradition, to strike fear into the hearts of their opposing team(enemies?) and to boost the morale of their own team, I can't see anything wrong with it, and to those people who say " It's not weither you win or lose it's how you play the game that counts" what a load of namby pamby BS, If you don't go out there to win what's the point of turning up in the first place!. my0.02
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    Thank you (bows to the adoring crowd) you've been great.
  9. Yeah Mike, and I guess the Arizona Cardinals.......Baltimore Orioles........Seattle Seahawks........Miami Dolphins........NJ Nets.......(my) Denver Broncos..........San Diego Padres..........Chicago Cubs..........K C Chiefs..........New Orlean Saints...........and the list of pro teams go on.....names that sure strike fear, lol.

    Why don't we just call the Junior High and High School teams (with players that are impressionable) every known street gang name....because The Warlords are just that.......a vicious street gang.

    I just think educators and parents need to set a different tone than one that conjours up images of violence and oppression....rather than gamemanship.

    I can hear it now, Paradise Valley Crips........Trevor Brown Bloods........Mesa Central Hells Angels, South Mountain Nuestra Familia, Salt River Indian school New Warriors, Central High Skins, etc. lol. :)

    Of course, I'm being a smart azz here gang.....well....I guess I over reacted, lol.
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    Sorry I was speaking from My own experence, Crushers, Broncos, tigers, pumas, devils, the list goes on, my argument stands.
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    At various times I've attended schools with athletic teams called: Crusaders, Grizzlies, Wildcats, Jayhawks, Tigers and Gorillas.

    In addition I've been associated with schools with the following athletic names: Vikings, Northmen, Hornets, Bluejays, and Griffins.

    Don't think any of those names corrupted students, staff, or others associated with their schools.

    Oxford :nod:
  12. Mick,

    Do you have pro teams down under there? I mean other than soccer or Rugby?

    Do they televise American sports much?

    Just curious about the life experiences outside of the US.

    I know the European Football League has some following in Europe....just curious with Aussies.

    My high school nickname was The Meteors.......there they got that I'm not sure.
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    My old alma mater - Rickards High School - has the "Redskins", and you can believe that has generated a lot of controversy in this day and age. Eventually, they'll be forced to find a new name. Our local rivals were the Leon High School Lions and the Godby High School Panthers.
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    I went to Robert E. Lee High School. My senior year, some dude from another part of the country comes into our town in West TX, files a law suit, and makes us change our flag from the Confederate flag. It was like, "Who are you, and why are you here? Go back to DC dude!"
  15. Sam Rayburn High School. The TEXANS. Typical Texas name.
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    Mick has Ausiie Rules Football down under. And if you haven't seen Aussie Rules football then you haven't seen violence.

    A name is a name is a name. It's this kind of drivel that has gotten us into this PC BS in the 1st place.

    Remember you have the right to free speech, you do not have the right to not be offended - take it as it comes.
  17. Amen, Stopper....gotcha covered.
  18. Lutheran High School North in St. Louis Mo. the "CUSADERS ". What a bunch of blood thristy kikk-a ss christians.
    Hey oneastix, did your school observe Texas Confederate History Month?
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    Yeh Dale we have Aussie rules, Rugby league, Rugby union, soccer, and there are some gridiron comps but nothing on the pro scale. The only American sports You really see is the best of, you know, best touchdown, catch, slamdunk etc. unless ya got pay then you can see anything.