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  1. to our newest member (Dickhurtz_777 in case his name is not up there long) and explained to him that this is a family forum...with women and children and that I thought his name was inappropriate.

    I really can't believe his last name is Hurtz and his first name is Richard....I might be naive but...that's my guess. LOL
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  2. It can happen


    It could be true.

    I know a fella named Mike Hunt. A big guy, former Green Bay Packer.

    I had a client when I was a marketing consultant for the local radio group, his name was Dick Hertzer, no kidding!! I even said "No Kiddking?", the first time he ever told me......

    It can happen........


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    sure is i unique name

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    We have a urologist here in Toledo whose name is Richard (Dick) Tapper...does vasectomies...really!
  6. I knew a guy who's last name was Kuntz but, gimme me a break, lol.

    If I were to go into a public forum and had a name such as that and had the chance of posting just my first name.....a nickname,'d be that UNLESS I wanted to attract attention.

    BTW, my last name might be Evans....and if it were I sure as hel l wouldn't admit it openly, lol.
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    Dale: I think your LE instinct is correct in this case. You told him what needed to be said.

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    I was in the Army with three guys whose last names were a little bizarre, too. All three of them got called for KP duty and it was hilarious when the DS did the roll call. Pvt. Dick, Pvt. Head, and Pvt. Job. I swear to The Almighty it was true. Job's last name was really French, and pronounced Jobe, but you know how Sergeants can be when it comes to pronunciation.....
  9. That's hilarious, Calvin. I can only imagine it, lol.

    As far as this Dickhurtz guy...well.....if I'm reasonably shown, or convinced, I am wrong I will publically apologize. However, as of yet, he has not responded to my private message nor has he posted a message.
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    My thought exactly Dale....