Sept 11th

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, Sep 4, 2002.

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    Why do they call it a "tragedy?" I call it "mass murder." "Tragedy," as it is, makes me think of a fatal car accident......
  2. I agree. although to me the word atrocity comes to my mind. Then I think of the word retribution (yes I know not very PC of me). I'm a firm believer of an eye for an eye (there I go again, the PC patrol will be coming after me soon).

    I don't know if you all heard (I got this through Boy Scouts), on 9-11 we're all suppose to drive with our head lights on during the day to show our support for the memory of what happened and our troops in the field. I'll have mine on. Please join me.


  3. PAPA G

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    tragedy??? to me the real tragedy is that some have seemed to lose the memory of that day. taken the back burner to more mundane things. Bushs call last year to return to normalcy, IMO was a call to forget the events, instead of keeping it on the front-burner, and reminding the public at every turn.
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    An airliner crashing by acident is a tragedy. What those terrorists did was an act of war! I also believe in retribution. I consider the events of 9/11/2001 to have been the first day of WWIII. It's not like the first and second world wars, but it affects every nation of the world. And it'll get a whole lot worse before it gets better. The "Desert war" of Bush the Elder was just tuning the instruments. Dubya will conduct the full concert.
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    Just watch or read the news. From here on out, if you already havent noticed, you will begin getting mad everytime the media calls it a "tragedy."
  6. Not a problem

    Howdy Dallas,

    Not a prob for me, as my headlights are on all the time in the Ol Gas guzzlin Tahoe.....But the issue has my support.

    As to Tragedy, it should go down as a tragedy or trajic mistake for the Taliban!

    Why is it people seem more upset, to this day over ATM fees than Sept 11, or second day of infamy. (Hopefully our last)