Sept. 15 "official" unemployment

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  1. Reuters News Service

    Sept. 15, 2010 "official" unemloyment figures for U.S. - 14.9 million

    Of course we all know this is under the actual figure due to the government's selective definitions of unemployment.

    So, we have had change over the last two years.

    Interested in your thoughts and observations.
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    We have at least that many illegal aliens that the government claims doesn't know how, or even if, they are employed.....including (until the last year) the President's aunt.

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    Yea it's higher than that, and nothing the admin. is or is trying to do well help they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.
  4. More like 19% unemployed, 25 % of the population with 40 million illegals running loose.
  5. Rave

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    It truely irks me that what our forefathers fought and died for is so easily given away.:sad:
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    My dad doesn't have a job, my parents are liveing with his sister, but he's not unemployed because he doesn't qualify for unemployment!
  7. Hi Joe Brainard

    You are so correct. The definitions of what constitutes unemployment used by our government leave out so many people who really want to work and would gladly go to work.
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  8. Besides the illegal aliens adding to the unemployment problem, it appears they're also making the possibility of the or a superbug an even greater risk and threat.

    Was listening to Dr. Manny Alvarez of/on Fox News talk about this and other things contributing to and making the superbug an serious issue/threat. Other contributing factors were mainly common sense things one could and should take and do but the illegal immigration was the one that stood out most for me because of them obviously being undocumented and we haven't a clue what they're bringing into the country with them...

  9. Yep, it doesn't include those that have simply given up or who no longer even get benefits I believe. Add those in and the unemployment rate is over 10%!!!
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    New York
    The Obamists don't dare publish the actual unemployment figures. If they did, they'd have to include not only the people who were laid off and are drawing unemployment insurance (the 9.8% they claim is the actual figure), but also the people whose benefits have run out, the people who can only find part time work at minimum wage with no health insurance, and the people who are so discouraged they've stopped even looking for work. You add those people into the mix, and all of a sudden the true unemployment figure is at least 20%. It might be as high as 25% - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a Great Depression-level figure.

    However, there is a major difference between then and now. In the Great Depression, the factories and mills were shuttered, but they were still there. The owners were just waiting for better economic times before starting them up again, thus re-creating jobs for American workers. Today, in what at least one economist is referring to as "the Greater Depression," when a plant closes 90% of the time the jobs it created are gone for good. The jobs are migrating overseas to markets with lower labor costs, and from what I can see no industries are emerging to replace those lost manufacturing jobs with work that offers equal pay and benefits.

    The Dow-Jones Industrial Average doesn't tell the whole story by any means. It's all very well for the shareholders to have their stocks appreciate in value and receive dividends quarterly. But what is of greater importance to the country is having enough jobs that people who want to work can find work that gives them an honest living.

    So far, we've avoided hyperinflation - although if the Republicans don't take control of at least one chamber of the Congress in November that may come too. But the high, persistent, true unemployment rate is scary. When people get hungry, they look for solutions. If we get hyperinflation that turns the dollar into toilet paper, people will lose faith in the government. Then, we will have all the conditions necessary for an actual socialist regime to rise. Heck, we even have the scapegoat group already in place. For the Nazis in the 1930s, it was the Jews. For Americans in the 21st Century, it will be the illegal Hispanic immigrants. I remind you all it's much easier to get people to hate than to get them to love.

    Dear God, please save America from that nightmare!
  11. Hi Cyrano

    You are so very correct. As I have previously posted both Herbert Hoover and FDR often reminded the country that even though the stock market was in disarray all the factories were still in place.

    Now four of ten manufacturing jobs have gone to foreign lands since the passage of NAFTA.

    CNN internet is once again running the story today that one in seven Americans officially lives in poverty. You can easily find it on the internet.

    Yes, the real unemployment figure is frightening and when you add it to the less discussed underemployment figure (those hit and miss minimum wage jobs with no benefits) we should move past fright into real horror.

    I work at a university. It sickens me to see the number of desperate applications from people with great varieties in skills and education. It sickens me even more to see the yearly number of graduates with no where to go but back home. In the past our placement office had so many corporate recruiters lined up it was a matter of scheduling recruiters to show up on campus. Now we have a woman with an unliminted expense account on the road trying to talk hiring firms to come to the university.

    Even if I had no access to national employment figures I could tell anyone it is way over ten percent.
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    When productive activity is continually punished, and sloth is continually rewarded, this is the result.

    Our Congress has done this, through engineered legislation designed to "improve" the economy. After 90 years of this nonsense, we are witnessing the destruction of the American industrial base and the national sovereignty it supported.
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    According to the learned professors,this "recession " should peak around 2015 and,if all goes well we should be back to "prerecession" conditions by 2020.:sigh:
  14. Rave

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    There is also talk of doing away with the minimum wage laws.
    As I understand employers,speaking to the crowd of unemployed during the great depression would say.
    "who will work for $2.00 an hour,lots of hands go up,then "who will work for $1.00 an hour,a few number of hands go up,then "who will work for $.50 an hour,a couple of hands go up and the employer says,"you got the jobs".
    It's comeing.:zx11pissed: