September job loss = 95,000

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  1. New York Times Friday morning.

    U.S. non-farm job loss for Sept. is 95,000.

    However, the article did state the unemployment percentage is the number of people actively looking for but unable to find employment.

    Glad to know the recession has ended.

    Interested in your thoughts.
  2. waterdog

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    Sorry but I don't think we've hit bottom yet, people can tell me we're in a recovery but I don't see it, you could call a dog turd a T-bone if you get hungry enough.

  3. TheLastMountain

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    We ain't seen nothin yet. Worse is yet to come.
  4. Nathan

    We lost 100,000 employees and the unenjoyment rate did not go up?
  5. Huey Rider

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    It's all based on the number of peaple collecting unemployment. If 100,000 run out of benifits and 100,000 start, the rate stays the same even though you have 100,000 more peaple out if work. Very's all a numbers game.
  6. Rave

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    I'll bet a lot of these jobs will turn out to temporary,both gummint,that were "created on the expectation of higher taxes,whice may not come if the republicans gain control,and private that will disappear when the gummint pulls the funding.
    What a mess.
  7. Hi blueice

    I posted the article (not me) stated the unemployment percentage was based upon unemployed people actively looking for work.

    I feel this is a useless percentage as, for one thing, it does not include those millions who have given up looking for work.

    Many people (I am one of them) believe the government's unemployment percentage is some sort of social crime as it gives a false picture to the nation.
  8. BudW

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    Remember when Regan was President the first few years the press had a story on the homeless every night,wheres the press now ?
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    As nathangdad says, the government figures don't begin to tell the whole story. They only measure the people receiving unemployment benefits. They DON'T list those whose bennies have run out; those who are working part time with no benefits because they "aren't working 40 hours a week;" those who weren't entitled to benefits because big companies like Wal-Mart hire many low level employees for 35-hour-a-week jobs, meaning they are considered part-time and thus are not eligible for health insurance or unemployment; those working two jobs that may add up to 40 hours a week but still are only considered "part timers"; and those who have stopped looking for work altogether.

    Add all these people in, and the TRUE unemployment rate is rapidly approaching Great Depression levels if it isn't there already. And no one in the Obama White House and the Democratic Party-controlled Congress gives a ****.
  10. Hi Cyrano

    Like you, I wish a responsible group would do the research the publish the actual totally unemployed and underemployed totals for this nation.

    Then a lot of the spin would fade away and national shock would set in.
  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    You'd need to get someone like Warren Buffet to fund it, the RAND Institute to do the research, and pricewaterhousecoopers to verify the data and the results before the Washington types would believe the facts. Such a study that could not be explained away by the delusional fools inside the Beltway just might be the spark that caused a revolt in this country, if not an honest-to-God revolution where politicians ended up half-masted on streetlights up and down Pennsylvania Avenue!