Serbian Mosin-Nagant

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, May 3, 2002.

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    Awhile back, I added an M91 (with the old "arshin" rear sight) to my collection. I had thought it was Imperial Russian, as it is dated 1916 and has cyrillic lettering, but no typical Communist markings. I got to looking more closely last night, when cleaning it. It began to look less Russian. I checked the Mosin website this morning, and found that it is actually Serbian, made at the Sestroyetsk factory. Cool! It goes with my Yugo M48 and SKS, sort of. I seem to be getting a lot of weapons from that small corner of the world. Each has proven to be an excellent shooter in it's class. This Serbian Mosin out-shoots my Finn M39.

    Mosin collector's website:

    These guys have everything you want to know about our favorite rifles!
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    good find bigdog!

    You've got your self a keeper there, but if you ever want to sell it drop me a line first, that aside maybe you could post some pics of this rare gem, my favorite mosin's are the m91's and I for one would love to see some pics of this warhorse.

  3. Big Dog

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    Thanks, Dodge. It was a pleasant surprise. I had thought maybe I had gotten an early Finn, but the markings didn't pan out for that. Until now, I didn't know the Serbs used the Mosin. Now, if I can find a Montenegrin Mosin, I'll really be happy!
    I've been tempted to get a digital camera, and this makes it a must buy. Hope to have some pics this weekend.
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    serb 91

    GREAT NEWS ON THE RIFLE! L ove to see some pics too.

    btw, really like your Nugent quote, this has been my opinion on the subject my entire life, comes from growing up with a father that spent the 50's in the army(but never in a uniform!). wink,wink nudge nudge.