serious about ducks and geese

Discussion in 'Wingshooting' started by Dallas rifleman, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Dallas rifleman

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    I have some nice hunting spots that we like to go to but they haven't been producing as much they used to any other great hunting areas i Washington
  2. samuel

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    Don't know anything about Washington,but most places I have hunted migratory birds,you better be serious or stay home.I don't believe there is a hunting sport that I have been any more miserable physically,or mentally content than "ducks and geese". Glad to hear from a fellow hunter. ,,,sam.

  3. Dallas rifleman

    Dallas rifleman G&G Newbie

    Theres a spot i like to go to in northern WA on th coast theres a marsh were snow and Canadian geese and a lot of other species of duck like to stay when the weather is real nasty when its windy and rainy they fly low and keep coming back to try to land i was wearing waders with a small unseen hole in the right foot i will always check my gear now my foot froze out there agin this season it produce as many birds
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    Yes you sure have to put time in. This is only my 4th...? i think. year duck hunting but I have been skunked many times out. Last year was the first year I really killed alot of birds. Took me awhile to start getting everything figured it out. But once you start getting into birds it is awfully addicting. I love it. Can't wait for Sept. 1st!
  5. so true
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    AMEN! lol

    I can't put it any better, but MAN it's addictive.