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    I tend to post the weird news and some times contraverseral stuff. But the pic Im attaching made me think.

    When we look at the problems with Wall Street, the economy...layoffs ect, the Enron flap, drunk pilots flying planes, Mass forest fires STARTED by firefighters, and made worse becuase the forest were not propely manged, The court ruleing on the pledge, The press pushing for a race riot, The goverment trying to take away our freedom to "protect" us, the crime rate (Despite what the press reports), and all the other stuff we as Americans are doing to destroy OUR way of life, liberty ect...

    Why should terrorist do anything but grab a bowl of pop corn and sit back and enjoy the show? Why "attack" us or sabatage anything when we are self destructing? Why risk public outcry aginst their cause when we are killing ourselfs? I mean if I were a radical muslim raseing my young suacide bombers (children) I would print out a few US Newspapers and have the kids read them everyday....see son God is punishing them with fires, floods and riots....see son they are so greedy they rob from old ladies retirement funds....see how their courts rule that "THEIR GOD's" name should not be said by children.

    Am I wrong? and I paranoid, reading too much news, miss understanding the current state of afairs, should I pop some porzac, fire up and arazona Cigar, and get drunker than an airline pilot on a layover and just get over it?
    What do you all think?

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  2. Eric

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    I agree with you 100%. We need to get control of our country before it spirals into oblivian.

  3. wes

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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks we are in BIG trouble,I just wish I had an answer. We need to take our country back,but how? Voting doesn't seem to work anymore,they are just all the same. I believe that if the Government told people to turn in their guns,at least half of the gun owners would do it. Of course,that still leaves about 50 million gun owners,which is quite an army.
  4. Shaun

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    I agree they don't need to do anything we are doing it to ourselves and I think we have said it in the past if we become paranoid and restrict everything we are telling them they win. Think about it our privacy is extremely invaded now when we go to the airport with searches of our bags, or person and anything else. They are talking about national ID's again now thats a communist tactic. I really think if they wanted to show the taliban that we are winning then we should be freeing things up and saying "try going after our planes our passengers may shoot you if our drunk pilots don't get you first. We are coming close to arming pilots and that may be the first wave to getting CCW on airlines. Of course drunk Pilots can wipe that for everyone. Then of course we have the greed of the CEO's in big business putting people out of work - I heard an idea the other day which most CEO's are afraid of the government using RICO statutes to get these guys. Lets just all kick back have a beer and relax and try to show we are at least acting normal
  5. Calvin

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    I'll buy the first round, guys. If we blend in, we can take them by surprise......
  6. Fred Vetter

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    WAKE UP!!!! Did Bush and Chainy cook the books,HAS anyone gone to jail from Eron,or any of the other big companies?CEO'S
    affraid of the government, they are the government.When your talking billions of dollars,like these crooks deal in, you buy who,and what you need.They go on TV front of committies so it looks like something is being done,they answer no questions and in a month or so it all goes away. The only one that gets screwed is the working man,and who is he, YOU. Well,I said my little peice, not that it will make a hill of beans,so I think I will take my unenployed ***** fishing. Have a nice day
  7. BenP

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    Sooner or later, one of us, maybe not one on this forum, but one of the many disgruntled, disenchanted, disfranchised average joes like us, will just go off. He'll get pushed just so far, and when they come to take his house away and put his kids in foster care he will take what little he has left and just figure to take as many of the beaureaucrats with him as he can. This might be the spark that ends up bringing the whole house of cards down, or maybe we'll just watch as another from our ranks falls in a pile of ashes to the ground, incinerated by the system and the stupidity of it all.

    We've created a monster, all of us. We are all a part of it, and we are all responsible for perpetuating it every day. Who among us has decided that today is the last day he will ever pay taxes to a system he doesn't believe in? Who among us will refuse to send his sons and daughters off to fight in a foreign land for a cause that has little or nothing to do with American interests? Who among us will drive through the UN barricade at Yellowstone when he's told that the park is closed by international law?

    Who among us will say He** no when they try to take his legally purchased firearms away because a law was passed making it illegal to now own same? Who among us will insist that all instructions be written in english, and only english in our government offices? Who among us will step into the crowd of demonstrators and pick up the flag as it burns and place it on the heads of our enemies?

    I guess we're all just too willing to let things be, that maybe someone else will do what must be done to make a change. I am just as guilty as anyone out there. What do we say to each other when the only option left is death?
  8. Lenny2

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    You are all a bunch of gloomy gus's!
    I think it is not so bad. Heck, we are the only superpower in the world. Compared to every other country in the world we have one of the highest freedom ratings. We have the most powerful military and economy on the planet. People from all over the world immigrate to this great country for better opportunities than they could ever have had in their homeland. We donate more money than any other country to countries in crisis and need.

    This country has seen much worse days. The great depression, the civil war, etc.

    Are we perfect? Of course not.

    But what country is?

    Cheer up guys...
  9. Fred Vetter

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    How about keeping the money in this country.
  10. Only superpower--Well I think that grates on the nerves of other countries-- I can see that changing.
  11. wes

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    Civil War? Do you mean the "War of Northern aggresion"?
  12. jerry

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    I will uncharacteristically ride the proverbial fence on this one. gotta stand up for your beliefs and stay vigalant. But we still have it good, compared to most.
    foregive me if i screwed up the spelling, can't get the spell check to work.