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Set Trigger

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I've been a lifelong fan of the Set Trigger. Have had a couple of the 'push forward to set' trigger, but never have I owned a double set trigger (I'm sure my terminology is off, but I think you catch my drift).

The ones I've owned in the past, and still own are the CZ 527s. I love these rifles, but I only find them in 223 and many of those can a guy have?

Does anyone else currently make rifles with either of these triggers in them? I'd love to find something in a .308 or possibly even a .260 with this?

Set Trigger
Muzzleloader Set Trigger

Some muzzleloaders have a set trigger that allows the shooter to advance the trigger and set it so that very little additional pressure is required to fire.
There are three different set trigger designs.

  • Single-Set: A single trigger. Push the trigger forward to set it. A gentle squeeze then fires the gun.
  • Double-Set, Single-Phase: A two-trigger system. Pull the rear trigger to set the front trigger for firing.
  • Double-Set, Double-Phase: A two-trigger system with two options. Pull the rear trigger to set the front trigger for a “hair-trigger” firing, or simply pull the front trigger for normal firing.
Once a set trigger has been set, you must make the shot or uncock before the gun is carried anywhere or left unattended, since the lightened trigger creates a safety hazard in those situations.
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You’ll have to look for a used one, but CZ also had the 550’s with the push type set triggers. I have the full stock version in 308. The lowest safe set weight I measured was 9oz… Safe meaning I set the trigger, and hit the floor with the butt and the trigger didn’t go off. Now, however, I just have the set adjusted out of it, and the main trigger breaks around 2lbs.

As far as double sets on a more modern rifle, I’m not aware of any.
Steyr still has them as an option for all their rifles sold everywhere but here. They will happily sell a double set trigger that just drops into any Model L, Model M, Model S, Model SL and the SSG69...for roughly $700, shipped. If you want the "professional grade" one, it is $900.
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