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Set up the deer blind today

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Me and my son set up our deer blind today and took a few shots out of it. We cut into the hill side with a tiller and leveled it all off. threw a little brush around it and Viola!
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Jerry...looks like a good place to get a big buck this year. Nice Camo job! When does your season start? It's size looks like around 7x7 ft. How close am I? Sure beats freezing out in the open, especially if the wind's blowing.

Now...what's your house number address? And...does your door bell work? What about the flusher? :nod: :D
Thanx Ox,
We'll settle on a doe or two as well. Shotgun season starts Friday goes through the weekend picks back up Dec2~5

Close on the blind size, a shy bit less than 6x6. They are calling for some weather this weekend.

I chose this blind so me and my son could hunt together. We both tend to fidget. We can get by with wiggling the 'ole toes here. I doo sit still while bow hunting in a tree stand, but it kills me.

House # Woods 1
Door bell, the sound of leaves crunching
Flusher is a bottle to pee in so ya don't have to leave :)
Jerry looks like you guys get the nice treatment -- let me guess you have coffee and Breakfast service in there right
It's nice. The blind was only $140 or so. I worked a side job to get it. My friend is nice enough to let me and the boy hunt on his land. He gets some nice deer on it.

We get coffee and breakfast but have to serve ourselves :)
nice set up I always joke about the luxary of stand hunting -- of course it seems like I always see a deer when I have just poured myself a cup of coffee and have to put it down
eating a sandwich works too:right:
It could be worse. What about seeing a deer when you're pizzing? Got three layers of clothing loosened up, zippers barely out of the way, hunched up and pixxing away from the wind, and up jumps a big one...deer that is. Now which is more important to finish first? :hmmm: :jaw: :D
I'd just have to pee on myself.
Does this thing look like it blends in OK? After this shot I tied a bunch of blaze orange tape around the tree in the area. From about 80 yards away from up the opposite hill, it could barely be seen.

If all goes to plan, the shots we take should be no more that 30~40 yards in front of the blind, about where I took the pic from.

The deer are using several trails through there, one so much the hooves have worn a groove in a small log from going over it.
Yes, the hunting blind blends in well with the environment. That big fallen tree behind your blind helps a lot, too. It all seems to blend in naturally with all the trees and leaves, etc.

And...since water runs downhill, when your pot gets full it will run outside down the hill. :nod:
Ity blends perfectly -- I wouldn;t even put the orange around it
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