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Oxford said:
If I can get a word in edgewise on this thread :D ,'s so active, I'll simply add that we got the deer stands up yesterday, cut a few limbs blocking access to our stands and view, and are now ready for bambi to come strolling down through the timber to be harvested come November 13th and 14th. :nod: :right:

Try to follow the hunting post. Been too busy hunting, ha ha, the irony. I hope the forestry thing works out. It may be for the good. Sometimes clearing some of the canopy trees promotes undergrowth the deer just can't resist!. This is evedent on my friends land. We cleared a food plot spot. Even when there is not food in it, they still love it.

Please be very carefull with stands. My brother and I helped a guy into his boat today duck hunting. He had two broken legs from falling from his stand. I gotta hand it t him though. He was right out there hunting with the rest of us.

Iv'e climbed out of the tree this year and will try a pop up ground blind by Ameristep. I got it primarily for my son to shotgun hunt with me. He can fidget in there and get by with it. Dad can pour and drink all the coffee he wants. I'm a coffee drinking nut! I'd pour a cup in the tree stand and it would take 10 minutes trying to move as slowly as possible :p

Hopefully you are at least as succesfull as last season :right:
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