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I get their flyer but on military calibers 223, 7.62x 39, 9mm and 45 I am getting better prices lately from Bass Pro, Cabela's,and Academy. For steel 7..62 x39 Wolf ammo I just bought 1,000 rounds for $ 352 or 35 cents per with free shipping at Sportsman's Guide on sale. Looks like that sale is off and they are $380 but they have a $20 coupon for any order over $100 so it is $360 or 36 cents per round, and free shipping if you join their program. It pays for itself the first or second order.

I like SG but their prices have not been the best during the pandemic. I have never shot any of the Ammo Inc brand ammo so please give us a report.

I also bought 22 mag and 380 ammo 5 boxes each from Sportsmans Guide last month , the 380 was $2 a box cheaper than the same ammo at SG ammo, the 22 mag was much cheaper I bought Winchester 40 grain 22 mag hollow points and SG had CCI, 40grain hollow points. I paid under $15 per box and SG ammo us $24.95. Different ammo but all their 22 nag us high.All the 22 mag they are showing today is $22-$25 box, too much for me.

So, again not to trash them, but I have stopped buying from them. We need to share where the bargains are.

That said, they have lots of ammo in stock. Look at 380 for example, they have six brands in stock of 50 round box ball ammo. No one else has that variety of 380. Wolf as cheap as $21 and brass ammo as cheap as $22, not as cheap as Sportsmans Guide but they have today Sportsmans Guide has none. Lately having it at any price is a big deal, just saying.
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