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Discussion in 'Off The Reservation' started by Kellen, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Kellen

    Kellen G&G Regular

    Hi All --
    During the deer and elk seasons just completed I couldn't believe how much garbage was strewn about the otherwise pristine woods. I'm not talking about a stray can, I'm talking about literally heaps of trash, most of it shot all to hell for target practice. Not on roads either, but back in the woods where only hunters would usually go. Is this just a problem we have uniquely in Oregon, or are you finding this kind of disrespect for nature and beauty where you live as well?
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  2. jwrauch

    jwrauch G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    We see some of it here in Kentucky. Pigs will be pigs !!!!
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  3. Kellen

    Kellen G&G Regular

    Sorry to hear that jw. Unbelievably, amongst the trash here i actually saw a mattress and a lawnmower! Given the steep climb to get up there from the nearest road it was both confounding and disgusting.
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  4. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory Forum Contributor

    We have that crap going on up here too.

    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
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  5. Jaison

    Jaison Woke up this morning with a blue moon in my eyes Forum Contributor

    Had a situation like that here many years back. Seems folks were finding all manner of stuff a good distance from a couple forestry roads. Appliances, garbage bags, mattresses, etc.

    Turns out, some folks 'not from this area' had bought an old homestead and were using 4-wheelers to dump the stuff.

    If I remember right, one of the deputies called to investigate recognized some of the items and they caught the Blue-bellied varmints red-handed.

    Other than that, seems there's been a decrease in dumping since many counties have added more trash dump sites.
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  6. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    Same here in Maine. I have 40 acres and a woods road running across one guys property, then mine, then a couple of other landowners. First guy seems to get mattresses and washing machines. I get tires and bags of garbage. For some strange reason, the last guy down gets the big stuff - refrigerators, couches, and so forth.
    We all try to keep an eye out but even stranger is that the pigs know when our guard is down.
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  7. my1871colt45

    my1871colt45 G&G Evangelist

    Yep there seems to be "those types" everywhere.
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  8. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    A lot of city dwellers make a trip to the country every now and then. You just never know when you might need to dump a washing machine, a sofa, a cat, a litter of pups, etc.
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  9. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    I prefer to dump my trash and bodies in the city. :D
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  10. rando

    rando G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I carry a backpack unless too warm when heading into the woods. I carry bottles of water and food and snacks. I also carry large zip lock bags for all my trash. I don't see trash much at all here in the woods at the public hunting lands. Very surprising because most parking sites no longer have trash barrels supplied by forest and park employees. I occasionally find where a hunter left his trash from eating his lunch or beer cans. Yes beer cans from drinking and same brand . I pick the $hit up and take it in my backpack. Especially plastic or glass pisses me off. There will always be an occasional pig out there leaving trash
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  11. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    It used to be free to dump at the local dump sites, but awhile back we had to start paying. The forests are getting dirty again. The roadsides too.
  12. Wicked109

    Wicked109 G&G Evangelist

    I agree with all of you. Hate seeing trash where there's not supposed to be trash. I guess if a property owner saw someone dumping trash on their property, he might holler at them to pick it up and leave, if they don't pick it up, shoot out a tire and repeat what you said and add want to push your luck and need a second spare... if they still don't, then shoot out the second and third tire - then you can tell the Sheriff it looked like he abandoned his truck on your property so you're claiming it. Otherwise, you can have the Sheriff get it towed and the guy will get assessed the towing charge. In case you get asked, you were hunting varmints on your property and took a couple of shots.
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  13. austinjoe13

    austinjoe13 G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, there's trash in MN, too. I've seen campsites packed up with the garbage left behind. The public shooting ranges are even more disgusting.

    I will say, wooden box springs make awesome target holders.
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  14. I haven't spend much time on public lands, but do take a spare plastic grocery back with me when I head out to fish or just relax in the woods when it's not hunting season. Not only do I haul out my own trash, I try to fill the grocery bag of other people's trash and take it out with me when I leave. I've found the usual mess, as well as lighters, knives, clothing, and even a wallet and a cell phone.

    I did contact the owner of both to return them. In the case of the wallet and phone, I kept the cash as a "service fee" for picking up after the owner. And told him so. He tried to get annoyed at me; I told him to be more careful with his stuff and pick up his spot before leaving and he wouldn't have to be charged a "service fee for picking up after his lazy arse."
  15. The local council will set up trail cams to catch folk doing it here.

    I have a friend who is quite militant about it. Yes, he can back it up.. But he will sift through trash dumped up in the mountains where we ride and God help anyone who throws anything with an address of phone number because he will call them and tell them to go pick it all up or he'll report them ( the fines are pretty startling ) failing that he goes to their house.

    It makes my blood boil. It's people in 4WD's who do it where we ride who could easily afford the 8 or 10 bucks it costs to use the waste facility. It's also easier at the facility, no flat tyres from driving over some other oxygen bandits rubbish either.

    It also draws heat to the area. There is a ground swell of resistance happening among dirt bike riders. We take a garbage bag with us and pick up the crap others have left behind at the parking area. The law is aware of it being done too and there is slack cut because of it.

    Also hopefully people with a shred of decency might see a clean area and take their trash home with them. If there is shite everywhere people think oh well!

    I promise you if I saw someone dumping illegally I would report it. I think if Anthony saw someone doing it he'd kick the pisz and pick handles out of them.
  16. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Regular

    I always taught my sons to pick up trash when hunting. After my youngest was killed in an avalanche in Wyo. and we went through his things, we found inside his backpack all sorts of trash. Talked to his hunting buddy and learned that whenever they went hunting, either game or sheds Dan would pick trash up. Made me so proud that it brought tears to my eyes. Parents, teach your kids well and be proud.
  17. Jaison

    Jaison Woke up this morning with a blue moon in my eyes Forum Contributor

    Thank you for sharing that, Ron.
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  18. Kellen

    Kellen G&G Regular

    Hi Ron --
    Jaison's right, thank you for sharing your personal story. I'm saddened for your loss. Your quality parenting certainly inspires me to want to be a better dad for my own kids, not to mention do my part to help clean up what other's left behind. You've caused me to draw a comparison in my mind, and wonder what kind of parenting leads children to become adults who wantonly throw trash in the face of nature's beauty....
  19. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    My daughter will be getting two, probably three, long hugs when I get home tonight!

    Sorry for your loss Ron.
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  20. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Regular

    Thank you. This Sat. the 16th will be the 11th anniversary of his death. Last night watching NCIS the ending brought massive tear to my eyes. I remember the last hug and saying I'm proud of you and love you son to him. After a memorable Bear hunt with him on his 30th birthday weekend. Tell your kids how proud of you are of them and how much you love them. Life can be awful short.