Shernic Gun Works SKS bullpup stock

Discussion in 'SKS' started by pico, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. pico

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    I just received an email that my stock I ordered over a year ago is in the mail. I plan on installing this on a Yugo SKS that has been tarted up already, seeing how it compares to the TAPCO stock it currently rests in. I'll post pics once it is installed, and leave my opinion on it as well.
  2. frenchy

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    pico you wait well, OVER A YEAR!! I hope it is a wonderful burl, quarter sawn with birdseyes and rattails :D! Hope you post pics!!

  3. pico

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    Okay, all arrived today in a box not much longer than a shoebox. It looks solid enough, more solid than the Tapco T6 stocks out there, and much better than the ATI stocks on the market. I will post pics as soon as it is installed, and will then obviously have to post feedback once I have shot the SKS in this setup. Wish me luck.
  4. Good thing is the Tapco T6 still has a good resale value on the bay.

    Hope you like it, looks really neat. I dont have the bullpup stock but I watched the install video about 3 times hehehe. :kinky:
  5. pico

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    The thing is, the Tapco stock installs in a few minutes. This bullpup has a bunch of screws and will take longer for sure. I have not begun to get it installed, as I want to have a few hours cleared before I even begin. I am looking forward to getting it setup, as it looks to be much better made than I expected.
  6. pico

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    I installed the kit today. It went on rather easy. I only had to trim one area, which was the gas tube cover, which made installation for me go fast. My Yugo is now about 8 inches shorter in this setup than my Chinese SKS in a TAPCO T6 with the buttstock pushed all the way in. I will likely put on the tapco muzzle brake for now. My only real complaint is now there is no iron sight. I will probably put on either a holographic sight or red dot. The design of the stock makes the rail on this setup 100% functional, unlike the TAPCO stocks. The trigger can be adjusted, but I like it as is. It has very little creep, and to test it I cocked the SKS and slammed down butt first into a carpeted floor. It failed to fire, although that is not a real test. Anyway, I am taking it to the range this weekend and will hopefully enjoy the experience. As for pictures, I am looking for my digital camera now and will hopefully get some up shortly. The side rails for this kit have not arrived yet. The mount for them has been installed, so it looks a bit goofy at the moment.
  7. cb671

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    Awesome now the question is ... Where are the pic's? lol dang I don't have patience to wait a year lol
  8. jmp8927

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    Check this red dot out. I have another one of theirs on my AR-15 and it's been great. I'll probably get this one for my VZ-58 soon as I get a rail on it.

    Primary Arms Micro Dot (Gen 2)
  9. show pics or lose your street cred..
  10. pico

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    Okay, went to the range and only have one real gripe. The ergonomics are great, and should be even better once the rails arrive. I installed a cheap simmons red dot and once I zeroed it in it held thru-out the afternoon. The only issue I had was that there is a piece on the stock that opens and closes on top where you load stripper clips. I hate loading that way with TAPCO mags, but tried it anyway. The latch is a simple piece of plastic, and looks to be weakening already thru little use. I will likely have to replace the latch with a homemade one using thick brass rod or even a simple metal wire clothes hanger.

    I sent the company an email prior to heading to the range letting them know at the time my only concern was that there was no storage space, and perhaps on future stocks they could integrate a storage compartment in the pistol grip. I also informed them I was happy with the install, and would consider another, being that I have several SKS'. They said once they were caught up filling all of the pre-orders, they would be sending out special prices to all customers who purchased the stocks with reduced prices on future stocks purchased.

    I will get pictures up as soon as possible. My digital camera is MIA, and my digital camcorder is a piece I do not know how to use at the moment. I will get something in the next day or two. The only difference between mine and the ones on the videos is that I have a Yugo, which is not what they have. Mine is a bit longer with the muzzle attachment.
  11. Kaybe

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    picture! picture! picture! Show us a picture!!
  12. Do you only have one Tapco Mag? Cant you just swap Mags?
  13. pico

    pico G&G Newbie

    Yes, you can swap mags easy enough. I have a few but like the ability to reload with stripper clips. The stock comes with a fairly simple extended mag release, that basically pries the existing mag lever. It functions fine, and tapco mags fit easily enough. I have the 20 round mags, which keep the profile low.

    I am working on pics, but need a working camera. Should have something soon. Sorry for the delay on the pics.
  14. mike63

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    Can't wait to see it. Sounds like something I might be interested in for my yugo. You waited a year? Man you've got patients to spare. I would have already ran out of curse words, and had to invent new ones.
  15. Tha Dave

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    No kidding on the patients I give up on a #2 after like 10 minutes you waited a year for the stock. Or so you say. I still don't know if I believe that you have one for the simple reason that without pictures there is no proof. I'm just sayin..... not in a fighting way.... I'm just saying. LOL (my wife loves saying that to me and hates it when I say it hahaha)
  16. pico

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    Seriously, sorry for the picture delays. I had to borrow a camera and than open a photobucket account

    This last picture shows the rather sorry looking latch for the top cover, which seems to not want to close easily on mine. I need to shave a bit off of the cover near the bolt handle to get a better fit. Anyway, here is my proof... and waiting a year was not a huge wait, as I knew this was only in the development phase when I ordered.
  17. CopperniX

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    Looks kind of like a Tavor styled stock setup. Personally I think it looks good.
  18. I see you have installed the recoil supressor on your bullpup. In your opinion does it actually supress recoil?

  19. pico

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    The one on there in the picture is the AK74 style. It does not do much, but then the round is not all that hard to control in semi-auto fire. I like that one better than the tapco one. I find the tapco to be a bit louder.
  20. IMH1

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    Nice job, looks good, how does it fire and how does that conversion affect trigger pull.