Shick, Gilette, Dollar shave club, Harry's , which one oh my ?

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  1. john_r

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    Jax, Fla
    ^^ I expect Mister Ten Millimeter/AR10 shaves with a 10-blade razor cartridge! :D
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  2. Ten Man

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    Nope! I use a 10 inch bayonet! LOL!!!!

  3. Gray Wolf

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    Old Gillette double edge razor. Shark Super Chrome blades from Egypt or Turkey (of all places)!
    6 good shaves from a 15 cent blade.
  4. billy

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    Me too.
    I take my time and never bleed.
    I am going to try some different blades from ebay
    And when i find a favorite.
    I'll buy a buncha them and be set for years
  5. winston64

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    I put my Grandpa's old straight-edge away And bought a new one. Bought an inexpensive Gold Dollar and had it re-honed, total $29.00. It has lasted me a year and will cost me another $10.00 for honing this year. Add in the cost of decent soap and a Boars hair brush, It will cost me less than $60.00 for two years of shaving every other day.
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  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    I use a Gillette Mach Three Turbo that the electric motor has gone out on, with ordinary hand soap to make it glide easier. Although I wear a beard. I do shave my cheeks and neck every other day or so, preferably right out of the shower, and the back of my neck every couple of weeks just to keep looking neat.

    I may try the Dollar Shave Club six-blade razor and Shave Butter after I run out of refills for the Mach 3 -- I buy a big box of them at CostCo every 18 months or so, and Princess Whinybitch uses them as well -- but I can't justify changing razors while I stil have so many refills for the existing one.

    I actually would like to learn how to shave with a straight razor. It can't be terribly difficult, millions of men routinely used straight razors for a couple of centuries, but I'm afraid I'd cut my own throat. How do you do it safely?
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  7. gandog56

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    I had one. 45 radiation treatments kind of messed it up.
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  8. ChaZam

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  9. ChaZam

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    I had used the Mach 3 for awhile and as is the case with my wiry gray whiskers that grow all different directions the quality of my shave continually diminished. Over the course of my life I have changed brands of blades, razors, soaps, lathers, creams dozens of times. The nature of my beard and its growth patterns require shaving in numerous directions every time and I still get less than stellar results. My last razor change I morphed from the mach 3 to the Wilkinson Tech 4 which I found at the recommendation of a friend in my local Walmart with 2 blades included. As happens everytime I change I got a number of really nice shaves. Bravo... So then I began hunting more of the Wilkinson blades for it and none were to be found in my town at all the usual places like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Drug Emporium, etc. So a little bit of research on the computer informed me that Wilkinson and Shick are made by the same company. That led me to the Quattro 4 Titanium blade which fits the handle I have, yeah... As of right now I get a decent shave with that combo, but prices for all of the blades for these razor systems has surely escalated over the last few years.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Hell I gots ya'lls beat. I was lookin at a new razor. Saw the price at walmrt for razors and cussed the razor section out. Went to the Dollar Tree and saw a 5 pack of razors for a buck. Figured why not, can't hurt, just a cut throat if they ain't no good.

    Not a bad throw away razor. I bought them last month and still have 2 new ones in the package. Figure I shave once maybe twice a week. Three times if I feel really energetic:D

    So I figure I'll pick up another 5 pack in January (I'll call it my birthday present:D). So Figure I'm spendin a buck every 2 month for 5 razors.
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  11. I got sick of getting ripped off by the razor companies. My hair is stiff and dulls razors pretty fast. Having a job that requires me to shave every day was putting a hurtin in my ammo funds. I switched to a double edge safety razor six years ago and have not looked back. I use edge gel during the week, then I treat myself to a hot towel with a nice soap and brush on the weekends.
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  12. SUBMOA

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    The electric shaver is meant to be used in the driver's seat in the truck. When finished you just put the window down and grab your handy blow gun lift the razor head and blow out the stubble. Best thing I have ever used to clean out a electric razor.
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    I ride a bike, people doing this sort of thing is scary to those of us that ride!
  14. SUBMOA

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    In the parking lot while stopped! This goes unsaid as doing what I wrote of would be impossible while driving and if attempted while driving would be grossly irresponsible and negligent.
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  15. ChaZam

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    Speaking of electric razors none of them gave me a decent shave without literally wearing my face out. A couple of the Braun models I had were the closest to being acceptable.
  16. Txwheels

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    Electric shavers make a nice vibrator for your face, but that's about it..
  17. gandog56

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    Never found an electric razor that did not end up pulling hairs instead of cutting them. Also NEVER got as close a shave with them as with a blade.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    That's a mighty expensive air compressor:D What did it cost, about 95 thousand:D
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  19. ACfixer

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    Dollar Shave Club, every two months. I get the top end razors and just shave after softening in the shower. Works out to $54 a year.
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