Shocking Home Invasion

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  1. The murder of a mother and her two daughters one of which was raped including the mother...The father knocked unconscious with a baseball bat and the house set a blase...Two white scum bags with lengthy arrests records.

    Shocking testimony reveals police inaction in Conn. horror home invasion -

    Podunk local cops wasted more than half an hour assessing the Connecticut home invasion and setting up a vehicle perimeter -- time the two attackers used to strangle the mother in her living room and set the fire that claimed the lives of the two girls upstairs, according to shocking testimony today.

    The revelation -- which suggests perhaps the family could have been saved but for police bungling -- came on day three of testimony in the murder trial of crack addict Steven Hayes, charged as one of the two monsters who launched a rein of rape and murder against a Cheshire, CT family on a Monday morning in July, 2007.
    Dr. William Petit arrives at the New Haven County Court House today.

    Here's the horrifying chronology of inaction, according to trial documents and testimony:

    9:17 a.m. Nurse and mother of two Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, receives a time-stamped receipt for a $15,000 withdrawal from a local bank teller. The terrified mom has bravely told the teller and the manager that she, her husband Dr. William Petit, and their daughters, Hayley, 17 and Michaela, 11, were being held hostage in their home, and that she needed the money for ransom. Bank employees watch as Hawke-Petit takes the cash, and is driven away from the bank, allegedly by defendant Hayes.

    9:21 a.m. Bank manager Mary Lyons calls 911, relaying Hawke-Petit's account, and specifying that the mom appeared "petrified."

    9:26 a.m. First details of the "possible" hostage situation, and the bank employees' description of Hawke-Petit's vehicle, as allegedly driven by Hayes, is broadcast on police radio. Captains begin deploying a half-dozen marked and unmarked police vehicles around the perimeter of the Petit home.

    9:27 a.m. One of the captains tells the units not to approach the house. No fire, ambulance, state police or other emergency authorities have yet been contacted.

    9:44 a.m. Another of the captains, Robert Vignola, puts out a radio transmission indicating the perimeter is still being set up -- and that no one is to even call the house until that perimeter is ready.

    9:54 a.m. A police radio dispatch indicates someone -- Petit, the victim father, as it turns out -- was calling out for help in the invaded home's back yard. Petit, who would be the sole survivor of the invasion, had broken free from the basement, and -- bleeding profusely from blows to the head, and with his ankles still bound -- was rolling his body across two yards to summon help.

    It was at this moment, Vignola testified in New Haven Superior Court this morning, that Hayes and his co-defendant, Joshua Komisarjevsky, 29, ran out of the Petit home and peeled out down the driveway, driving Hawke-Petit's SUV. Inside, fire began to sweep through the house -- fueled, prosecutors say, by gasoline sprayed through the living room by the two men.

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  2. Midas

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    This horrible incident is further proof that we as citizens can not always rely on law enforcement to come to our aid in a timely manner, if they even come at all.

  3. Sounds like the local PD Dropped the ball on this one, and pretty much cost 3 lives from it. When Some one comes into a bank and tells you that they are being held hostige and theny thye pull out 15k and the bank calls the police department they should have been strait out there. And since they took there sweet time, people died.
  4. Mmmm,

    exactly why I have loaded protection in my home.
  5. big shrek

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    It all falls back to having guns/knives carefully hidden in nearly every room of your home.

    When trouble calls...cops are only minutes, or hours, away.

    I carry a gun, because those donut-eaters are too large to fit in my pocket ;)
  6. Excellent advice, Big Shrek...Funny Too....

    My wife told me, that the young scum bag had seen the mother and her daughters at the super market and follow them to their house; he later came back with this older partner...

    This is a just case for the death penalty...Justice Breyer, is that unconstitutional too...?
  7. I think the death penalty would fit those two perfectly. Any one who is going to rape 2 kids and there mother then murder them Deserves a slow painfull death.
  8. DWFan

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    The word I got (from FOX) was that the death penalty might be taken off the table by the prosecutor because the scumbag's lawyer is claiming that if the police had acted in a more timely manner, their clients might not have had the opportunity to commit the murders. Meanwhile, the prosecutor doesn't want to embarrass the local PD.
    If I find a link, I'll post it.
  9. AOM1Carbine

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    Being from CT and having family that lives in Cheshire, this event makes me sick to my stomach. And is the exact reason I taught my mother and sister how to load and aim my Mossberg before I left for college and everytime I am home I give them a refresher course.

    The whole situation was handled poorly, from the release of dangerous criminals from our prisons to the local LEO's responce...And I understand that officers have to follow orders regardless of their personal opinions on what to do in certain situations, but still maybe our leaders in the LEO community need to be better trained and preped on how to deal with similar situations...I have respect for our LEO on this forum and would like to know what they think?
  10. Columbine again? As one of the slim balls waits for her in the bank parking she should have called the police....One down...

    Two teams of two should have approached the home and made a swift entry....No waiting for the paramilitary police, no meeting of the planning department, no safety assessment meeting, go, go, go....
  11. Midas

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    Yup, it is always a good idea to be prepared for any situation which might occur at home, or while one is out and about.
  12. Oddly enough that lawyer has a point, weak but a point no less....

    These two maggots need to be executed....

    I would also dare to say, that the homeowners were not gunowners...
  13. They were not armed and secure. It makes all the difference. I don't want to be the body they write up on the report. Burn those maggots at the stake. Sue the city, SAF.
  14. Hey may have had a point about the police, how ever the police didnt rape and murder a women then set the house a blaze knowing the children were upstairs. It was THEIR actions that killed those people not the cops. Yes the cops did not respond nearly as fast as they should have how ever it was the 2 scumbags that killed those people.
  15. grizcty

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    You want to stop/slow down, this sickening madness!

    Bring back, public executions!
    No Bleeding heart lawyers, just murderers corpses.
    Let them hang for 48 hours, in the public square!

    For ALL to see.

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  16. 99dragon99

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    And after that, impale the heads on spikes and keep them at City Hall!
  17. Tigercat200

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    A friend of mine is now a retired Illinois state trooper. After Columbine I talked to him and he had just come from a training session about how to deal with situations like Columbine. They asked him what he would have done if he was first on the scene. He told them that he would call for backup, tell dispatch that he was entering the building, and start to hunt down the bad guys. The chastised him and said he was putting himself at risk by doing that. He told them that's what he got paid to do and, if the cops in Colorado had done what he would do, they might have saved some of those kids. Instead, like this incident, how many died while they were setting up the perimeter? He was told how wrong he was, not that it changed his view at all. All that time sure gives the bad guys time to work up more mayhem. All emergency services people sign up to do the things most of us don't want to do or cannot do, not sit around all the time. That's the way it was when I was doing crash rescue. All the training was there for when the SHTF and you did what you had trained to do. Could all this have come about because of the idea that bad people are just misunderstood and can be reasoned with like normal folks? They aren't and they can't. All they understand is massively applied force.
  18. Tigercat200

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    Hey, 99Dragon99, in the old days they would hang the criminal, disebowel him, draw and quarter hime, and then hang the body parts around the county as a warning. Guess they wanted to make sure he was punished. Ah, the good old days.
  19. Ten Man

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    This is EXACTLY why we have guns, knives and swords, at the ready, in our home.

    Sheeple WILL be slaughtered by wolves, especially when they expect someone else to "protect" them.

    The criminals, AND their victims, are merely players in the Liberal Agenda's steady, progressive march to total abdication of personal responsibility.
  20. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    what a different story this would have been had she been trained with the use of firearms and not only returned with the $15K but maybe a Taurus Judge?